Stealth game Thief is back in a brand new avatar

Mar 12, 2014, 10:11 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Popular stealth video game, Thief, returns after a gap of 10 years, but does it live up to its expectations. Let's find out

If you prefer working on the shadows and dislike the violence that’s gripping most video games today, the Thief could be the best bet at the moment. Making a return after 10 years, the popular stealth game series is here to teach you a few lessons on sneaking out.

Garrett, the master thief, returns to The City, after being vanished for a year, to find it under the control of The Baron, and struggle under a mysterious plague.

In the meantime, equalities have grown wider. Garrett makes it his mission to steal from the rich, and unravel the mystery surrounding a job that killed his accomplice and put him in a magical sleep for a year.

Armed with a bow and blackjack, which he uses to knock targets unconscious, Garrett moves in the shadows, doing his job stealthily, keeping violence as the last resort. Among his many skills is the focus vision, which helps him identify potential steals.

Along the way, you unlock a few power packs, including increasing your focus vision and ability to pick locks. You can also buy weapons that are mix Middle Earth weaponry with modern technology.

The game allows you to play in multiple ways — be it following the story lines or doing a few side missions. There’s no set path, or mode of operation, except that whatever you do, you have to do it stealthily.

But all is not great, especially when it comes to action — several of the tasks are just too easy, and offers nothing new to gamers. Then there are these annoying background conversations, which take away the whole perspective of distance.

The game is available both as online download on Steam as well as in discs. Our advise is to go for the disc as the download size is massive at 19 GB. Nevertheless it’s a great buy, if you are into stealth video games.

PC: Rs 999
Xbox 360: Rs 2,999
PS3: Rs 2,999
PS4: Rs 3,499

>> Breathtaking animation and visuals
>> Secret side missions
>> Mastered for 1080p resolution

>> Annoying background conversations
>> Heavy download for PC gamers (19 GB)

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