Step into a Trance syndrome

Jul 12, 2014, 07:46 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Known for his high-energy Psytrance sets, Israeli musician Azax Syndrom a.k.a. Regev Azaria will raise the tempo with his heavy riffs, pumping basslines and Metal melodies from his new EP, Vicious Mind

Q. You began as a lead vocalist in a Metal band in the 1990s; now, you’re known as Psytrance DJ. Has your Metal background influenced your treatment of Trance?
A. The thing that drives me is the energy of the music, and the flow of the melodies. Trance and Metal share the same scales, and high vibrations. It helped me to understand Trance. The crossover was natural.

Q. Was taking up Trance the best thing that happened to you? How did this transition take place?
A. Trance music was meant to be. It’s a part of me. The transition was natural. I was always fascinated by music and good at computers so making my own Electronic music was a matter of time and getting the equipment. Plus, I don’t need a band to do it.

Q. Why the name Azax Syndrom?
A. Azax was my first stage name. It is a name for raw power. The Syndrom part came when a producer used to call me that, as a way of referring to my music and it remained this way.

Q. You’ve made most of your albums available for free download. Why?
A. My music is made for the people to enjoy. By doing so I apply to a bigger audience, who can enjoy my music and get the Azax experience.

Q. What are you working on?
A. My last EP Vicious Mind released in June 2014. My new EP is due for a September 2014 release.
I am the head manager of the Electronic music department at Sound School in Tel Aviv, Israel. I also teach regularly. Plus, there’s my production work with two Israeli Rock bands, and other projects. I produce Psytrance as Azax Syndrom. I’m playing constantly across the globe. So my hands are full, and I’m grateful for that.

Azax Syndrom, Pystrance musician, Israel

Q. What brings you to India?
A. I have been to India many times before. As always, I am excited to play here. I love the food and the people, and the vibes in parties are off the hook.

On: Today, 10.30 pm 
At: blueFROG, Lower Parel (W).
Call: 61586158 ENTRY Rs 600 and Rs 1,500 (post 9 pm)

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