Stockbroker was killed by robbers, say police

Apr 10, 2013, 04:24 IST | Shiva Devnath

A week after 50-year-old stockbroker Vijay Vora was found dead at his residence under mysterious circumstances, the police have ruled out that his murder was pre-planned.

Officers from the Crime Branch and Borivli police said that during their investigations, they found that no weapons were used in the killing and based on that they suspect that the killers had targeted Vora with the intention to rob. An idol was missing from the apartment.

Mahesh Patil, DCP (zone XI) said that the investigation has so far pointed out that the person or people who entered the flat of the deceased on the fateful day were aware that he wasalone . “The robbers might have assumed that Vora had loads of money stashed away in his house and entered inside
noticing that he was home alone,” said Patil.

Vijay Vora

Police officers have acquired the call records of Vora, which reveals only one incoming call on the day of the murder. “When we dialled the number it was a woman who is attached to a Jain community group that organises religious discourses. In her statement, she told us that since Vora was a devotee and gave huge sums of money in donation, she had only made a courtesy call,” said a police officer, on condition of anonymity.

Cops said that they also questioned Vora’s wife, Pallavi (47), who told them that her husband did not inform her regarding the amount of money kept in the house. “It is possible that the robbers had taken more than the idol, which was kept in their makeshift temple at home,” said Crime Branch officer, on condition of anonymity.  The police officer added that as of now they have ruled out personal enmity and property dispute as the motive.

The incident
On April 2, Pallavi had gone to Crawford Market, while Vijay preferred to stay back at their fourth floor flat at Adheshwar Dham in Borivli (W). She dialled her husband’s phone at 8.30 pm, but it was not answered. When Pallavi did not get any response, she rushed home. She rang the doorbell, but there was no reply. She opened the door with her key only to find her husband injured, lying on the floor in the passageway of the kitchen and hall. He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead on arrival. The watchman of the building informed the police that three men had entered the premises to meet Vora. The police have prepared sketches of the men with the help of the watchman’s description and are tracing them.

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