Stood up at the altar, Virar girl finds groom was already married

Feb 09, 2016, 13:25 IST | Chaitraly Deshmukh

While looking for the boy’s address, the 25-year-old Virar girl stumbled upon his wedding entry at a registrar’s office in Pune; she has filed a rape case against him

A 25-year-old girl from Virar was shocked when on Friday she found that the boy who had stood her up on their wedding day, had married another girl just a week before that in Pune. She then tried to file a rape complaint against him for having sexual relations with her under the pretext of marriage.

The accused Kuldeep Singh
The accused Kuldeep Singh

The survivor, who was a BCom student, became friends with Kuldeep Singh (25), a call centre employee in Pune, on Facebook in August 2010. They soon got romantically involved and met for the first time in October 2011, in Khopoli, in the presence of another friend. After graduating in 2013, she moved to Pune to pursue her MBA. “After I came to Pune, we started meeting a lot and he developed sexual relations with me under the pretext of marrying me soon. I got pregnant the same year and also miscarried the baby while I was under pressure from Kuldeep. I took treatment at Sanjeewani Hospital in Virar later,” the victim said.

In 2014, she took up a job at a construction company while studying. He also introduced her to his mother and brother at a hotel in Pune’s Hinjewadi area. “His mother later asked me for R20,000 for Kuldeep’s business and education and I gave her the money,” she added.

They decided to get married at the registrar’s office and he took her documents in November 2015 to give the agent. “I told my parents and they came for the wedding, which was supposed to happen in the first week of December. I went to the registrar’s office that day but neither he nor any of his family members turned up,” she said. When she asked the agent he told her that Kuldeep took the documents from him a day after he gave them to him. She also went to his office and found that he had quit his job long back.

The survivor’s mother said, “My daughter is innocent. She blindly fell in love with Kuldeep and he took advantage of her. Kuldeep has given a lot of pain to my daughter. He played with her emotions.”

After sobbing over the betrayal, she again started her search on Friday when she went to the registrar’s office in Pune asking for Kuldeep’s address. She then stumbled upon an entry in the register there that said Kuldeep got married to another girl on November 26, 2015. She noted his address and fainted due to the shock. She was taken to a nearby hospital. “After getting discharged from there, I went to his house, where his mother told me that Kuldeep got married to someone else and now I can’t do anything. I then approached Pune police, who told me to register the case in Khopoli, where I had first met him. Khopoli police helped me prepare my statement and asked me to take my case to Virar as it will be more convenient for me. Kuldeep played with my emotions and cheated me. I want to teach him a lesson,” she said.

The survivor approached Virar (east) police station on Monday evening and tried to register a rape and cheating case against him. Police Inspector Sunil Mane of Virar (east) police station, said, “The victim, along with her father, had approached us. After going through her complaint, we realised that the case needs to be registered in Khopoli, where the offence had took place. After investigating, we asked Khopoli Police to register a rape and cheating case immediately.”

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