Store worker, cousin, arrested for robbing jewellery store

Apr 15, 2014, 07:01 IST | Shiva Devnath

Police nabbed Mukesh Vaishnav, an employee at the jewellery store who planned the robbery with his cousin Ravi Vaishnav from Rajasthan

Three days after a robbery at the Iqra jewellery shop in Jogeshwari, police have arrested two and recovered the entire booty worth Rs 58.73 lakh, including 2 kg gold and Rs 2 lakh in cash.

Police laid the trap and caught Ravi Vaishnav from Rajasthan, where he was hiding with the booty
Police laid the trap and caught Ravi Vaishnav from Rajasthan, where he was hiding with the booty

Cops have arrested Ravi Vaishnav (19) from Rajasthan, who played a crucial role in the robbery of the jewellery store, along with his cousin, Mukesh Vaishnav, who was working at the shop.

Last week on Friday, Khalid Ahmed Hakim (52), the owner of the store at Vaishali Nagar had left to offer prayers when the robbery took place. The two assailants not only decamped with the booty, they also took away the hard disk of the CCTV camera.

However, during the investigation, the police grew suspicious of an inside job, as the robbers had surprisingly not touched the artificial jewellery and no significant damage was caused to the CCTV equipment.

During interrogation, it was found that Mukesh had hatched the plan with his brother, who had previous record of criminal activity. Mukesh even injured himself to hoodwink the police.

They received information that Ravi was hiding in Munda taluka in Rajasthan. A trap was laid for Ravi and he was arrested. “During interrogation, Ravi confessed to the crime. He revealed that it was pre-planned by him and Mukesh,” said sub-inspector, Vishnu Rathod of Versova police station.

According to the police, the injuries on Mukesh were self-inflicted to make it look like a real robbery and divert the attention of the police from him. Mukesh had been working in the shop for nearly a year. The entire stolen jewellery and cash has been recovered from Ravi.

Mukesh, who has been recuperating in hospital, will also be placed under arrest after he is discharged. Ravi’s father, Dwarakadas is currently serving jail time in a narcotics case in Rajasthan.

Rs 58.73lakh
Total booty of jewellery and cash recovered

Total amount of gold recovered from the duo

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