Storyteller's mantras

Oct 03, 2013, 09:13 IST | Kanika Sharma

Sign up to meet the dexterous storyteller-cum-actress Nell Phoenix, who will be coming to the city to conduct a storytelling workshop at the British Council

If friends have subjected you to the torture of a lengthy boringtale, it’s time to sign them up for this. Nell Phoenix, the gregarious storyteller who is going to be in the city today and tomorrow will tweak one’s skills of telling a tale. Never mind that you are a banker or a teacher struggling with a riotous class or at the least, a flustered parent, Phoenix will guide you through the maze of incidents with the formula “See it, Say it. Share it.”

Instantly affable, Phoenix promptly informs, “The workshop is for aspiring storytellers that push one to go beyond words. I encourage stories from visualising incidents in one’s head, get those images to move as we as audience like action and bring it out to a shared space separating the story from the storyteller.” Methodical with answers at the tip of her fingers, she further apprises, “The approach to the workshop is three-pronged.

Nell Phoenix

First, I explain the process, then I introduce exercises to make it an experiential thing and lastly, I encourage ideas inviting feedback.” Phoenix, who is also an actress, has enjoyed performing across venues, from Blackpool Grand to Sydney Opera House and loves working with kids and adults alike. On a parting note, she narrates her favourite story: “So there is a Lady Story and Lady Truth. When Lady Story goes, she can go inside but the door gets shut. Lady Truth on the other hand cannot get past the door. Finally Lady Story tells Lady Truth that ‘you creep under my cloak’. Since, that day there is some truth in every story.”

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