Strangest things left at hotels revealed!

Oct 17, 2012, 13:31 IST | ANI

Snails are among the bizarre items that travellers leave behind in their hotel rooms

The snails were left behind in a Budapest hotel room, while 10,000 dollars in cash was found hidden in a US hotel, reported.

Hatke news, Weird things left behind in hotel rooms revealed

Hotel staff in Washington, US, were startled to discover a live snake in a room.

Then there was the man who left his wife behind in Prague, and just as bad: a guest who forgot his mother was with him and left without her.

According to a survey by of 500 hotels around the world, a dog was left behind by its owner in Milan, a wedding dress was forgotten in New York and a police officer left his gun and badge in a Las Vegas hotel room.

The hotel booking company found mobile phones, passports, toothbrushes and house keys were the most common items left behind by guests.

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