Stressed? Here are some ways to deal with it

Apr 22, 2016, 15:00 IST | A correspondent

Recent studies and researchers reveal that stress is the leading cause of debilitating diseases like diabetes and other health issues. A look at how one can tackle this problem...

Lend a helping hand
Cheering up others when they are feeling down or giving other forms of support -- rather than receiving it -- may have unique positive effects on key brain areas involved in stress and reward responses, a recent research has found. Researchers believe that giving support might improve health by "reducing activity in stress-and threat-related regions during stressful experiences."


Physical closeness eases stress
A strong relationship with your loved ones can help ease stress when placed in difficult social situations by emotional “load sharing”, a recent study conducted at a Canadian university suggests. In their study, the team measured the stress levels of 66 adolescent girls during a spontaneous speech task. During the speeches, researchers tracked the participants' level of stress and found that physical closeness helped participants cope up with stress more efficiently, regardless of how close the mother-daughter pair reported being. Higher physical or relationship closeness helped the daughters feel like they could overcome the challenging situation.

Practice Yoga for a healthy, stress-free mind
Yoga is the best way to tackle anxiety, stress and psycho neurotic disorders, easily resulting in better health and regulation of stress hormones, health experts said. They said that it has been scientifically proven that yoga is very effective in curing disorders related to diet problems, hypertensions, diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity."

Hard to believe? Stress can be good for immune system!
According to some studies, short-term stress, the fight-or-flight response, a mobilisation of bodily resources lasting minutes or hours in response to immediate threats -- stimulates immune activity. The immune system is crucial for wound healing and preventing or fighting infection, and both wounds and infections are common risks during chases, escapes and combat. Researchers opine that the massive redistribution of immune cells throughout the body was orchestrated by three hormones released by the adrenal glands, in different amounts and at different times, in response to the stress-inducing event.

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