Strings of tradition

Jan 19, 2013, 00:19 IST | Ruchika Kher

He has mesmerised audiences with his renditions of Kabir Bhajans set to the music of his 300-year-old stringed instrument, Santaar, for years together, and now Murra Lala Fafal will spread his magic in a contemporary setting in Mumbai at a performance, tomorrow

Murra Lala Fafal, who belongs to a rural family of Marwada Meghwals, began his musical education at the age of eight and became a proficient musician even before he turned 16. “This is because music is in my blood.

Folk musician Murra Lala Fafal

The tradition of singing in my family goes back 11 generations,” says Fafal, who used to initially perform only during festivals in Gujarat, but in the recent years his popularity has spread across India.

The folk musician will perform at the BlueFrog tomorrow with his troupe who play instruments like Ghada Ghamela (percussion), Jodiya Pava (local woodwind instrument) and Manjiras. Together, expressing the essence of folk festive mentality, they create dynamic compositions while Fafal sings in his characteristic, strong high-pitched voice.

“I am very excited about the performance. I have always enjoyed playing in different settings, so I’m really looking forward to this,” the singer reveals. Fafal sings mostly in Kutchi (a dialect from Kutch, Gujarat), depicting separations and reunions of lovers. His main inspiration includes verses of Indian and Sufi poets who have referred to religion and attained enlightenment, as well as devotional and philosophical themes of Kabir’s Bhajans.

“Since my family has been in music for so long, I wanted someone from my generation to take it up as well. Hence, I took up that mantle and I am now holding the tradition and heritage of previous generations in my hands. I am also aware of the responsibility that emerges while holding such a position. I am striving to pass this knowledge about my culture and music, to my children,” he maintains.

On January 20, 9 pm onwards
At BlueFrog, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Lower Parel.
Tickets Rs 350
Call 61586158 

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