Strong sunlight leading to train delays in UK!

Jan 14, 2016, 09:22 IST | Agencies

Commuters in UK have been told to expect long delays and cancellations as it is ‘too sunny’ for train drivers to see

London: Rail passengers on one of the Britain’s railway networks were left baffled after being told trains were delayed due to “strong sunlight” that affected the vision of drivers.

Southeastern railway company took to Twitter on Tuesday to explain delays and congestion on services from Lewisham in south-east London.

“We had severe congestion through Lewisham due to dispatching issues as a result of strong sunlight. The low winter sun has been hitting the dispatch monitor that prevents the driver from being able to see,” the rail firm tweeted.

The firm, which operates passenger services from the capital to Kent and East Sussex, said the sun prevented drivers from checking CCTV monitors, leading to 117 cancellations across London and the south east.

Number of trains cancelled across London and south east on Tuesday due to the issue

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