Strumming up a storm

Sep 20, 2013, 01:54 IST | Aanchal Kurmi

Punekaris are in for a treat as acclaimed Western Classical guitarist Johannes Moller will be performing in Pune

Get ready to lose yourself in the soothing sounds of Johannes Möller’s Classical guitar. He is the winner of the Guitar Federation of America’s international soloist competition and he will be performing at the city’s Mazda Hall as part of an event organised by the Poona Music Society.

Ethereal music is what defines a Johannes Möller concert. An ace guitarist whose compositions transport you to another world, Möller has enchanted audiences across the world with his renditions.

Johannes Moller
Johannes Moller

Describing himself as a mix of a crazy and a serious musician and a happy-go-lucky lad, this Swedish guitarist had his first stint with music when he was quite young. Hailing from a musical family, music was in his blood. “Music runs in my family,” he reminisces. “My father is a flautist, and my grandfather was a viola player. So, music was there always,” he adds.

What was initially a hobby later turned into a passion and thus began the journey of this musician. “I started playing the guitar at the age of 10 and I loved it from the start. With a musician as a father, learning music was smooth. I come from a Western Classical music background. I have been composing music and have been inspired to search in different directions, one of which is Indian Classical music,” says Moller.

Quiz him about his inspiration and he is all praise for the composer from the Classical guitar fraternity: Agustín Barrios Mangoré. “I admire the composer Agustín Barrios Mangore. I have one piece by him in my concert in Pune. Nature is a big inspiration for me,” he says.

“Needless to cite Mozart and Beethoven, one of my utmost idols is Mahler. He had the vision that a single piece of music should express everything there is in human experience. I also have a special interest in the music of the Frenchman Debussy and the Russian Scriabin,” he adds.

Describing his style of music as a synthesis between the past and music of our times, he admits that he is learning more about Indian music and the theory behind it while also imbibing the works of the Romantic Period composers like Chopin.

With a Bachelor of Music with Honors from the Royal College of Music in London, a Master’s degree from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and numerous prestigious awards to his credit, Möller still feels dedicated towards his work of art.

“My music is constantly evolving. It’s getting different with time. I have become focussed on what I want to achieve, both in my interpretations and in my composing,” he asserts.

When he is not playing or travelling, the musician plays husband to a musician wife and dad to a 16-month-old. Watch him as he enthralls you in a programme that will include compositions such as Song to the Mother, From Her Source to the Sea, from 24 Preludes and Giulio Regondi’s Reverie “Nocturne”.

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