Strung together by music

Feb 16, 2014, 10:41 IST | Rinky Kumar

Listen to four teenagers from four diverse countries — Poland, Iraq, Russia and China — strum out music from four different centuries. This is a musical event you won’t want to miss

What do four youngsters from Poland, Iraq, Russia and China respectively have in common? Apart from belonging in the same age bracket (17-19), all of them have been playing the guitar for a decade and are part of a quartet named 4nations, which was founded in Germany in 2010. Alumni of the municipal Music School of the City Of Leverkusen, the quartet was set up by musical director and vice principal Matthias Fromageot after he felt the need to handpick these four youngsters — Adam Wasiak, Salam Babak, David Stroh and Steven Truong — who had won several prestigious music competitions such as the Young Musicians, guitar quartet and the International Youth Competition Gevelsberg and form this group. 

Adam Wasiak, Salam Babak, David Stroh and Steven Truong with a student from Kolkata

After touring Kolkata earlier this month, the youngsters conducted a workshop for music aficionados on Saturday and will perform at a concert at the Max Mueller Bhavan today.

Fromageot explains, “Originally founded as a pure classical quartet, we have differentiated within the group. The joint work is divided now into quartet playing (4nations), guitar duo (2nations), guitar and vocals and classical guitar solo.

The change of instrumentation enriches the programme where we merge different sounds. For instance, the boys’ repertoire ranges from the Renaissance through modern classic to contemporary and popular titles.”

He adds, “The 4nations’ performance will range from Peter Tchaikovsky’s most successful piece The Nutcracker, pieces by Italian guitarist Carlo Domeniconi who was influenced by Turkish, Arabian and Indian music to English pop group Maroon 5’s songs. We will cater to people with varied interests.”

When: Today, 6 pm
Where: Goethe Hall, Max Mueller Bhavan, Kala Ghoda
Call: 22027542


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