Student who subdued US gunman flooded with wedding gifts

Jun 08, 2014, 09:06 IST | Agencies

Join Meis, 22, sprayed pepper spray on accused who went on a rampage at Seattle Pacific University

Seattle: Jon Meis helped subdue a gunman who was on a rampage inside Seattle Pacific University on Friday.

(Right) Jon Meis outside Seattle Pacific University. Pic/AP

The 22-year-old student, who is to be married soon, has newfound fans, who have discovered the student;s wedding registry and have been buying presents for Meis and his future wife.

“There are a number of heroes in this. The people around (the gunman) stepped up,” the Assistant Police Chief Paul McDonagh said. “But for the great response by the people, this incident might have been much more tragic.”

Meis, an electrical engineering student, used a pepper spray to subdue the suspected gunman named Aaron R Ybarra. Someone tracked down his registry site and posted about it on their Facebook page, which includes some great testimonials from individuals such as:

“Mike Lasnier: I just bought this guy and his wife a blender! It's as close as I can get to buying him a beer!”

Jon and his fiancé Kaylie have their wedding date set for June 21.

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