Students join forces to protest re-evaluation rules at Mumbai University

May 15, 2017, 10:39 IST | Pallavi Smart

ABVP's online petition demanding changes in the varsity's re-evaluation system has garnered 1,000 signatures so far

The petition against Mumbai university's reevaluation process has already collected over a 1,000 signatures
The petition against Mumbai university's reevaluation process has already collected over a 1,000 signatures

The students of Mumbai university are up in arms against what they call an "exorbitant, unjust and erroneous re-evaluation process". They have started an online petition that has garnered over a 1,000 signatures over the weekend.

MU's re-evaluation process, which is already in the news for all the wrong reasons, has again come under a cloud of controversy, as the petition claims that in the last three years, the varsity has earned Rs 7.52 crore by collecting re-evaluation fees and another Rs 41 lakh for issuing photocopies.

Changes sought
The petition, which was started on Saturday by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) on, demands that model answer-keys be introduced to bring uniformity in the answer-scripts checking mechanism that can help avoid re-evaluation. It also demands stern action against people responsible for the unfair process along with refund of the collected money.

The petition will now be sent to the Chief Minister and state education minister for a determinate action.

"The MU has collected an enormous amount of money through the re-evaluation process, and it is important to hold this public office accountable. An examiner is paid just Rs 25 per answersheet with an additional Rs 200 travelling allowance per day, but the university charges Rs 500 per student per subject for re-evaluation. And if they request a photocopy, the student has to pay another Rs 100 per answersheet," states the petition.

"Interestingly, statistics between 2014 and 2016 show that out of 2.19 lakh students who applied for re-evaluation, around 73,000 i.e. 30 per cent, passed. Such statistics expose the blatant arbitrariness with which the answersheets are checked during the first assessment, only to compel students to apply for re-evaluation."

Clashes with re-exam
Rohit Chandode, city head of the ABVP, said, "The varsity is earning so much money through re-evaluation. But due to a delay in declaration of the re-evaluation results, those students anyway have to appear for the re-examination, which is another Rs 500 per subject. So after appearing for re-examination, even if the student passes, the money is gone for good."

Despite repeated attempts, registrar of MU remained unavailable for comment.

RS 7.5cr Money MU has made in re-evaluation fees over 3 years
RS 500 Fee every student has to pay per subject for re-evaluation

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