Students overlook small detail, miss out on round 1 FYJC admissions

Jul 02, 2016, 09:02 IST | Pallavi Smart

These ICSE students included non-core subjects in their total marks, which the education board does not permit; they'll, however, get to participate in the next round of admissions

Despite scoring over 90% in Std X, nearly a dozen students from the Indian Secondary School Certificate (ICSE) board missed out on junior college admissions in the first round because of providing incorrect details. However, thanks to the accommodative stand taken by the state education department, they can still participate in the next round of FYJC admissions.

Students overlook small detail, miss out on round 1 FYJC admissions
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The problem came to fore after one of the students was denied admission at Mithibai college even though his name featured in the first list. Scrutiny of his documents revealed that the marks he had entered under the 'best-of-five' category were incorrect because it included a subject from 'Group C', which is prohibited by the education board. This rule is mentioned in the list of dos and don'ts on the education department's website.

Group C includes non-core subjects such as pottery, drawing and IT, among others. Speaking to mid-day, BB Chavan, deputy director of education, said, "The rule is clear: you can't include marks for group C subjects in the 'best-of-five' score while filling the admission form. But a few students did the mistake. Realising that it was a genuine error on their part, the department has re-accommodated their applications for the next rounds of admission rather than making them wait till the end. Now, their rectified applications will be considered for the second merit list."

Chavan made it clear that these students should refrain from complaining about losing out on admissions in the first round, as it was their mistake in the first place.


A parent of the student who missed out on securing a seat at Mithibai college said, "There was no clarity on this rule. Why will any student make such a mistake deliberately? While we have missed out the first round, the government is talking about an accommodative approach. We'll have to wait until the second merit list is declared. We do not know if we will get the same college that was allotted to our child in the first merit list."

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