100 students suffer food poisoning in China

Apr 19, 2012, 13:44 IST | Agencies

About 100 university students in China's Sichuan province required medication for vomiting and diarrhea Wednesday afternoon following a suspected food poisoning incident, Xinhua reported today.


Health authorities have launched an investigation into the incident which affected dozens of students from Sichuan University, said the provincial health department in a statement.
A student, giving only her family name as Xia, said she suspected the food served at the school cafeteria was to be blamed for the incident, reported on the university's Jiang'an campus near the Shuangliu international airport. 
"School authority have cleared all the privately-run restaurants and snack bars on campus and the school cafeteria is the only place where we can eat," she said in her microblog. 

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