Students use 'intravenous drips' to prepare for exams

May 11, 2012, 11:18 IST | ANI

Students at Xioagang high school in Hubei province of China are using intravenous drips filled with amino acids to facilitate their study to prepare for the country's infamously tough university entrance exams.

The use of drips is becoming more and more popular with kids as they don’t seem to have any problem with it, since it has no adverse health effects, according to Gao Pingqiang, a school official.

“The school will not suspend the injection and we will continue if students want it,” The Telegraph quoted Pingqiang, as saying.

The dreaded exam, which is compared to 'the stampede of 10,000 horses trying to cross a single log bridge', is known as the 'black' month among students.

Each year there are reportedly suicides before and during the exams. One third of students are excluded from university as a result.

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