Study tour in Shimla for female corporators

Jan 31, 2013, 08:13 IST | A Correspondent

Opposition cries foul over trip costing Rs 25 lakh, with PMC in a financial mess

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) Standing Committee yesterday passed a resolution to send women corporators to Shimla to study the functioning of local self- governance. The trip will be conducted under the aegis of All India Institute of Local Self Development, Mumbai. The funds will be diverted from other accounts of PMC budget.

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The total cost of the tour was expected to be Rs 40 lakh, but was subsequently lowered to Rs 25 lakh because of objections of the opposition. Half of the 152 corporators of the municipality are women.

Sources from the opposition said that while the corporation is crying hoarse over paucity of funds to service the citizenry it had little difficulty in arranging a study tour.

While speaking with reporters Kishor Shinde of MNS asked why the councillors should be sent to Shimla, instead of a better and cheaper choice like Delhi, where they would be able to see the operations of the metro and how it affects urban life.  

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