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Feb 20, 2014, 05:55 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

And even while British tabloid press is in a tizzy about her speculated reunion with Shane Warne, after they were photographed together at her home in London, Elizabeth Hurley is back in the land of her former 'maika' Mumbai this week and was spotted lunching with ex-husband Arun Nayar's brother and his wife

>> And even while the British tabloid press is in a tizzy about her speculated reunion with the newly constructed and weirdly bionic cricketer Shane Warne, after they were photographed together at her home last Saturday in London, actress Elizabeth Hurley is back in the land of her former ‘maika’ Mumbai this week and was spotted lunching with ex-husband Arun Nayar’s brother and his wife at their favourite club on Tuesday and then at Wasabi for dinner that night.

Parmeshwar Godrej

And as reported, the ever so stylish Hurley, the face of Estée Lauder and businesswoman with her own eponymous swimwear label, had for her dining companion Mumbai’s ever so stylish Parmeshwar Godrej.

Elizabeth Hurley

Needless to say, lots of ever so stylish sushi was ordered.

Nandinii Sen and Tasha Berry

Vrooming to Mastram
>> Things have been looking up for her ever since the estate of her father, the late great Gautam Berry’s had been satisfactorily settled. And with her first Hindi feature film, Mastram’s trailer released last week on Valentine’s Day going viral and trending on Twitter (“We’ll reach a million views on YouTube by evening”) it was time for Tasha Berry to kick up her heels a little.

And the opportunity arose on Tuesday on her mother former model Nandinii Sen’s birthday, when the debuting actress gifted her a white Duster car.

“God has been very kind,” said the proud mother. And last heard, mother and ‘vroom vroom’ were doing very nicely, awaiting the movie’s release.

This city never sleeps
>> We met the sultry songstress Shweta (Johnny Joker) Shetty, who now lives in Hamburg, Germany after her marriage. In town to pursue her interest in yoga, Shweta is staying at her SoBo apartment when she isn’t meeting old friends like Nawaz Mody, Sanjay Patel and Aarti Surendranath. Recently she participated in the Terry Fox Charity dinner where she sung. “I thought all my pals would be there. But when I looked in to the audience I couldn’t recognise a single face,” she laughed over pani puris at a friend’s lunch. “But that’s because I’m told that there are four or five major competing events held in Mumbai every day!” she said. “Nothing beats the vibe of Mumbai!”

Foodies in a pickle
>> “This Sindhi winter vegetable pickle is an annual tradition for my ma and me,” says the lovely Roshni Bajaj Sanghvi (no relation, but coincidentally, a neighbour) the food columnist for Mumbai Boss, restaurant reviewer for the Hindustan Times, and a graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York City.

“Sometimes she makes it by herself,” she says about her mother, also we gather, a foodie in her own right. “And sometimes I help her out. It’s one of my favourite pickles, because it’s tangy, spicy, sweet, and crunchy and healthy (all those veggies can’t be bad). I miss winter a little less, because I have this pickle to look forward to for the next couple of months.”

And going by the response her pickle has received when she posted the picture on Facebook, she’s not the only pickle-crazed foodie in the city. “Man, that looks good.... Send some over to taste,” Rahul Akerkar posted. And to that we say, yes, Roshni, how about being kind to your neighbours?

On board histrionics
>> Oh dear. This veteran actress much renowned for her acting skills appears to have inadvertently displayed more than a share of histrionics her co-passengers on a Kolkata bound flight might have reckoned for. On a wheel chair for unknown reasons, she is supposed to have demanded that she alight before all other passengers did, which meant that all of them had to stand aside and wait until the chair was lifted in and out, making many miss important appointments and work. “We had no objection that she was on a chair and required special handling, but to expect a full planeload of us to wait until she descended seemed a bit much and there was enough grumbling and teeth gnashing through out the aisles,” said a passenger. Not her finest performance, obviously

A man for every cigar
>> With some men we discuss art, with others poetry, but for some reason when we meet dapper investment banker Tarun Kataria, we always begin and end by discussing humidors!

And the reason could be that we both prefer the aroma of a rich Cuban while juggling a St Emillon in our hands, indeed, as we found ourselves doing last Friday at our dear friends Asha and Dipi Khilnani’s well appointed Mumbai home on a leafy cul de sac off Napean Sea Road. The Khilnanis live in London in a sumptuous pile in Notting Hill, west London’s posh residential neighbourhood, but spend time in Mumbai where their son Aditya currently works.

Tarun Kataria

Like their home in London, their Mumbai pad is filled with exquisite art, mostly collected by Asha on her frequent trips to India. Their guests that evening comprised of many of their friends from London and Lagos, all in Mumbai before catching flights to Udaipur to attend yet another big fat NRI wedding. But back to the subject of humidors. Jewel encrusted and exquisite to observe, mine still has not had its insides connected, which makes for great aesthetic appeal but pretty soggy Cohibas all round!

Asha and Dipi Khilnani

Which is why when we bumped into Kataria at the Willingdon Club yesterday, instead of enquiring after his health and that of his wife, the lovely Priti Devi (now spending more time at their Singapore home), we embarked on the subject of cigars and a date has been plotted when they and their accruements will be addressed. But till then as they say, close but no cigar… As for the Khilnanis after bringing a slice of delicious London life to Mumbai they are we learn winging their way back home as we speak.

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