Style your summer months

Apr 22, 2014, 12:30 IST | Kavita Shyam

While your make-up routine demands an alteration during the summer season, the guide lists some cool options

Less is more during the blistering summer months. With soaring temperatures, summer months often result in patchy foundation, greasy eyeshadow, smudged kohl, and clumpy mascara. In addition, sweat, oil, and dust can create havoc on the skin and smear the make-up as well. We bring you looks endorsed by make-up experts for a smooth sailing during the scorching months.

Tip 1
Careful cleansing of skin, purchasing the right make-up and applying it correctly is crucial to looking fresh. Waterproof make-up, such as eyeliner and mascara, is less likely to melt and hence, should be preferred. Skip liquid or cream foundation and use mineral powder instead. Always keep your skin well-hydrated with a light moisturiser and sunscreen. Wear a liquid or powdered mineral bronzer when the weather is warm as you will not have to wear other make-up. Avoid make-up on dirty or oily skin.
Courtesy/Make-up and hair expert Ashwini Melwaney

Tip 2
I would suggest natural make-up and nude lip balm for young girls because it is all about looking fresh and feminine this summer. It’s more about peach and pink cream blushes mixed with nuances of sculpting cream and soft highlights instead of a bronze tanned look. For the party-goers, I suggest a foundation, which is a beauty essential. F

or sculpted cheekbones, dust some blush to create a warm pink glow and team it up with eye colours in neutral shades. Add black baked eyeshadows, a nude lip colour and swipes of mascara for a complete look. Brides should focus on eye-shadows in hues of champagne and matte gold which will brighten the peepers. Even ultra glam smokey eyes can never go wrong, besides opt for sculpted cheek bones with a matte brow blush with a hue of gold added to it. Scarlet, fuschia, lilac lipsticks, fake lashes and kohl should be used in a manner that looks natural.
Courtesy/Make-up and beauty expert Manasee of Manasee studio

Tip 3
Sun-kissed looks are always in vogue. Brides should go in for a rosy look. So, pinks and peaches on the eye with a hot red lip colour and natural blush is ideal. For working women, something simple and not over-the-top is more suited. A light lip colour, kohl for the eyes and just a liner after using a good concealer would be perfect. Young girls can opt for fuschia pinks, orange and lavender colours for the lips. Vibrant shades of blue liners also look great. For party-goers, one can go bright on lips and soft on the eyes. Like a very light smokey eye look with bright lips. Or even bold eyes and light lips. Add some kajal and mascara to add drama to the eyes.
Courtesy/Make-up expert Saba Poonawala

Tips to avoid make-up horrors
>> One must avoid heavy foundation, lotions and creams that tend to look patchy with even a little bit of sweating.
>> One should avoid matte lipsticks as they make the lips appear dry and try red or orange colour this season.
>> You can try light, water-proof make-up to avoid looking messy due to the sweat and
the heat.
>> Wear headgears, head bands, try hairstyles like high pony tails, braids and chic haircuts.
>> Make sure you have handy eye make-up remover, wet or moisturised tissues to remove make-up, sweat and dust.

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