Styling came to me very naturally, says Adhuna Akhtar

Jul 24, 2012, 09:16 IST | Avantika Patil

From snipping Aamir Khan's hair in Dil Chahta Hai to giving hubby Farhan Akhtar a new look for his upcoming film, Adhuna Akhtar has done it all

The hair stylist not only shot to fame after DCH, but also helped make styling one of the most sought-after professions these days. She talks to CS about styling and grooming hair: 


Passion perfect
Since I was 14, I knew styling is what I wanted to do. It came to me very naturally. But I knew from the beginning itself that it’s going to be an uphill task and so it was. Nothing came easy and what I have today is the result of my hard work. Styling is fun but also a job that requires a lot of responsibility. We are directly or indirectly responsible for a person’s looks and confidence.

Breaking myths
Every client who walks in is special, no matter what. In India people, especially women are very particular about the length of the hair. They want to change their look without compromising on the length. It is a task but a challenge we accept. Even men have become finicky. Contrary to the myth, men are much more conscious about their looks than women.

Short, not so hot
In India for some reason, short was always considered bad. In fact, if you see Hindi films of the 70s and 80s, you will find that most of the baddies sported either short hair or no hair. Even a picture of an Indian beauty is incomplete without long hair. But in today’s world that is so not workable. Today a woman has so many responsibilities on her head. No offense to Indian culture but what’s the point of having long hair that is dry, fried, and not healthy looking? Now the trend is changing slowly. The androgynous look is in and more and more people are opting for it.

Creative cuts
No matter how creative I want to get in my salon as well as film projects, I can’t. Obviously, my thought and suggestions have to match the sensibilities of the person having the haircut. I can’t go on a random hair chopping spree. But if there’s one person who always experiments with his hair, it’s Aamir. I love the way he gives into the artist’s creativity without interfering too much. He has something different and new to offer in all his films. 

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