Subways and the Pune: The dirty picture

Jul 17, 2012, 07:00 IST | Sukirt D. Gumaste

The PMC has been investing crores of rupees in subways, which are supposed to provide pedestrians a safe way of crossing roads

Yet it is observed that in terms of safety, accessibility, visibility and other pedestrian-friendly parameters, most subways fail to serve their purpose. They are poorly designed, particularly for children and the elderly, and pedestrian prefer to cross roads on the surface.

Shaniwarwada subway: Hardly anyone uses this subway because of absence of proper signage. It is also poorly maintained, without any lights or security. (right) Beggars have made the subway their home. Pics/Krunal Gosavi

Despite most subways turning out to be failures, the PMC annual budget indicates it is intent on building more foot under bridges (FUBs) and foot over bridges (FOBs).

The annual budget for 2010-11 lists no fewer than 11 FUBs, three FOBs and two skywalks, costing nearly Rs 40 crore. Here is a look at the existing important subways.  

GM Bhosale Subway on JM Road: As this subway has no less than 22 steps, pedestrians prefer to cross the road on the surface as it is narrow enough and without any barricade. (right) The subway is also ill maintained, with breakages not repaired

Subway at Bundgarden near Sassoon: It is properly designed, with only a few steps to encourage people to use it. Yet many do not feel safe in it, especially in the evening, because of the poor lighting system 

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