Success from scratch

Feb 09, 2013, 07:42 IST | Ruchika Kher

Tonight, French Electronica act Scratch Bandits Crew, one of the few turntable bands in the world, will introduce Mumbai's fans to the best tracks from what they dub � "Scratch music"

Supa-Jay, Geoffresh and Syr met through the love of scratching and never looked back post that. Mixing instrumental Hip Hop with Jazz and Electronic music became their signature style and they came to be known as the Scratch Bandits Crew. The trio, now on their maiden tour of India, is wired up to enthrall Mumbai’s audiences, tonight.

“This is our first tour in India. We played our first gig in Pune, and it was awesome. We have five other gigs around the country that we are really looking forward to,” says Supa-Jay, who revealed that he met his fellow band members back in the 1990s.

 “It was a period when, tools, like the Internet tutorials, that you find today, didn’t exist. We had to meet each other to be able to exchange tips about scratch techniques. At first, we built the band for team performances at championships. Soon, we found the need to make music like any other regular band, make CDs and play at concerts, to build an artistic identity,” he added.

 To reinforce their musical universe, the band takes their audiences on an audiovisual trip by using video, lights and scenography (practice of design for performance). They also make their own electronic instruments (Lunar Scratch system, scratch guitar, darbuka-lamp, or special ribbon controllers), which they believe add exclusive colour to their sound palette. “Our concern about playing outside Europe is mainly about keeping all the characteristics of the show, with a lighter technical set-up,” informs Supa-Jay.

 On their India trip, the band is looking forward to collaborate with Indian artistes as well. “We’d like to work with them. We also always have a microphone in our bag, to record the musicians we meet and everything we find around us, in order to make our own sound banks. Already , we have recorded with a female singer in Pune,” he shares.

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