Sugar rush at Nariman Point's Pastelitos

Aug 19, 2013, 08:52 IST | Dhara vora

It is named after a stuffed puff pastry but Pastelitos specialises in cupcakes of all kinds that might pique the sweet toothed for a sugary indulgence

With the cupcake and dessert wave that has been sweeping the city for a while now, we’ll have to admit that the name of this new place in a SoBo mall was a huge factor that got us curious to check it out. 

The cupcakes we tried

Located in a corner of this shopping paradise, we soon discovered that the place specialises in cupcakes and custom-made cakes. For a cupcake store, they have enough tables with high chairs for you to settle in with your partner, and muse over the day’s highs and lows.

 Interiors of Pastelitos. Pics/Dhara Vora

The wallpaper with cupcakes all over reiterated their obsession with them. On offer are mostly regular flavours such as Chocolate, Vanilla, Oreo and Chocolate Chip, with the mini versions priced at Rs 40 orRs 45 and the large size, Rs 80 or Rs 85 (they also offer eggless variety).

We packed the Red Velvet, Kit Kat Mini, Oreo Mini, Chocolate and a Vanilla Pop (Rs 30). We were happy with the moist base in all our cupcakes. Though opting for the Kit Kat and Oreo Mini was a bad idea as we hardly got a piece of the main ingredient in the tiny bite of the base cake.

Our grouse was the icing, which was too sweet and they need to go easy on the colour, how much ever attractive they might look. It worked fine only for the Red Velvet as the base wasn’t sweet. Though we feel that the mini cupcakes are over-priced. Our favourite from the lot was the Vanilla Pop: a moist vanilla cake covered in white chocolate; we gave it a thumbs up.

We wouldn’t take a trip especially to the joint again for a sweet rush. But if a situation ever arises where we are at Nariman Point and are craving for a sugar kick, we might pop in for a Vanilla Pop.

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