Suicidal Mumbai hotelier changes mind after bath in the Ganga

Mar 24, 2015, 06:48 IST | Sagar Rajput

The 32-year-old had decided to take the extreme step after losing investors’ money in a shipping firm; he felt they would harass his family if he committed suicide, and so, turned back from Haridwar

It is believed that having a bath in the Ganga rids one of sins. But for a hotelier, it proved to be life-saving, as it rid him of suicidal thoughts. The Navi Mumbai-based man had gone missing from his Kurla restaurant leaving behind a suicide note on March 19. But a bath in the Ganga at Haridwar changed his mind and he returned three days later.

Nimbane partly owns a hotel
Nimbane partly owns a hotel

He had decided to take the extreme step after losing investors’ money in a shipping firm, and the police have alleged that the investors included several policemen and IPS officers. According to the police, Devendra Nimbane (32) stays with his family in Kharghar. He holds 10% of the ownership of a restaurant in Kurla.

Speaking to mid-day, Senior Police Inspector Suresh Bhavar, from Nehru Nagar police station, said, “On March 19, Nimbane went missing from his restaurant at 5.30 pm. He had handed an employee the keys of the restaurant and his car. When his wife came there looking for him, the employee handed her the car keys. She found a suicide note in the vehicle.”

In the suicide note, Nimbane said that he had decided to take the extreme step after losing R9 crore in a shipping agency and was under immense pressure. He also asked investors not to harass his family because of him. “We were trying hard to find Nimbane and couldn’t locate him, as he had even switched off his cell phone since the day he went missing.

Nimbane later claimed that after leaving his restaurant, he caught a train to Haridwar. After taking a bath in the Ganga, he realised that his family would be harassed by the investors, and so he needed to return,” added Bhavar. On Saturday, Nimbane arrived in Nashik and contacted his friend Omkar, who then informed the police.

They went with the friend to Nashik and got hold of Nimbane. Bhavar added, “After he returned, we learnt that he had lost money belonging to several individuals to whom he had promised returns with good interest rates. The shipping company in which he had invested the money went through a big loss and he incurred loss of R9 crore. The investors include several policemen and IPS officials.”

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