Sulafest 2013

Jan 11, 2013, 07:37 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

We have been informed that the Sulafest 2013 the fifth so far is going to be held on February 2 and 3

We have been informed that the Sulafest 2013 the fifth so far is going to be held on February 2 and 3.

And highlights this year are performances by our friend Eric Mouquet of Deep Forest who we recently heard in Coorg, Gaudi & Indubious in addition to a five-minute film for Sulafest created by director Nikhil Advani; a party bus from Mumbai to Nashik for 40 special guests to interact with the band; a Geodesic Dome at the Amphitheatre designed by Glavsfera, and of course, lots of wine, chilled out people and song! Sounds irresistible to us.

Crowds enjoying the music of Ankur Tewari

Of the Ankur and the Ghalat Family and Dualist Inquiry at last year’s Sulafest

Nikhil Advani

Grammy heaven
Incidentally, it appears to be Grammy season for India with winners Trilok Gurtu playing to a rapt crowd yesterday; Deep Forest Live at Sulafest 2013 on Feb 3 and Norah Jones in Mumbai in March at the Turf Club! Our musical cups run over!

Norah Jones
Norah Jones

Trilok Gurtu
Trilok Gurtu

The fine print
In the flash and glam blitz that seems to accompany the irresistible ascent of couples up the slippery slope of social mountaineering in Mumbai, very few read the fine print or between the lines. This couple that’s created quite a swathe in the right circle with their extravagant parties (at home, on boats and overseas) might be putting up a front. An astute reader of the pink papers was surprised to see that amongst the list of highly pledged and strikingly in the red companies this couple’s high-profile business came up on right on top. So, who’s paying for the parties and the high-life? Or is that a business investment?

Cell listings.. LOL!
No one’s quite written about this: but we all have our private lexicon for listing people on our cell phones for easy recall. Never write ‘Mr Shafique’ for instance, we are told, always write ‘Carpenter’ Mr Shafique. That way even if you forget the name you can always find him when you’re looking for a carpenter,” we’re told. This, of course, can be taken too literally and make for some hilarious nomenclature. Riffling through a friend’s cell, we came across these gems: ‘Sweet man met in Bali’, ‘TV fixer Rashid’, ‘Treadmill Jijo’ and the best of all: ‘Chick Blind Man Hari’. Readers are welcome to send in their own gems.

We love Mahabaleshwar. Colonial cottages, strawberry fields, silver oaks and fireplaces. So, when we heard that it was snowing at Mumbai’s sweetest hill station we called Mahabaleshwar’s first family and original lovers the Sharmas to enquire.

Tara Sharma
Tara Sharma

After all, family patriarch, the late Partap Sharma was known to write his scintillating novels and plays at his Mahabaleshwar cottage in the company of wife Sue and daughters (the actor) Tara and (the writer) Namrata. “Snowing? No, don’t think so!” said Tara, who with her husband internationally renowned ad film maker Roopak Saluja and their kids have kept up the tradition. “Mum got back yesterday and said chilly but no snow,” said the pretty actor and TV host. Nice!

She’s got a friend
Too much has been written and said about the role this lady played in creating a rift between a high-profile Bollywood couple. She’s paid for it with censure, hostility and isolation by a powerful lobby. But spare a thought for the lady too. Beside herself with anxiety about an ailing parent, she sought comfort in the presence of an Alpha male superstar. Whether it was just a shoulder to cry on or more no one really knows. But so harsh was the backlash from a certain section of Bollywood that it threatened to have repercussions on her career. Perhaps this might be the reason for some public displays of pique between the couple. Perhaps, she feels terribly let down and ostracised for no fault of her own. Is that why, after being spending one tired and emotional evening with another superstar’s sister she is allegedly finding much-needed solace in the arms of another superstar — arguably an even bigger one? Or is it out of spite? After all whose presence in her life could rile her erstwhile friend more? We will never know. What we do though is that neighbours swear that she’s seen leaving her new friend’s home regularly at dawn. And no, no one’s heard her humming Help me make it through the night though.

Easy Riders
The buzz amongst the young and restless crowd is the hot new watering hole at Kamla mills called Smaash, which offers patrons virtual cricket, football and bowling along with a well stocked bar and music. “If you win the football game which is very hard, you win a Harley Davidson bike,” said our source.

Farhat Jamal
Farhat Jamal

“Only one’s been won so far and the guy who won it spent Rs 10 K trying to win it!” And more from the grapevine: Aer Bar, which was the place for a certain kind of well-heeled party hearty to go to for a swish night out is soon going to be passed over for the much awaited newly opened Shangri –la rooftop lounge bar. “We are all waiting for it to open as Aer’s a bit ‘been there done that now,’” we were informed.

Aer Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel at Worli

When asked, Farhat Jamal, the dapper general manager Shangri-La Hotel, Mumbai though said, “We do not have any bar or restaurant operational on the higher floors as yet. We intend to have these food and beverage outlets ready later this year... dates to be confirmed.” Incidentally, the latest trend for the city’s really big boys is to eschew all public lounges and bars for their own private ones where in the company of their close friends and family they can let their hair down!  

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