SUNDAY MiD DAY 32nd Anniversary Special

Sep 16, 2013, 09:06 IST | SUNDAY MiD DAY Team

We take a walk down memory lane, celebrate the present and look forward to the future

Read on to know how the Mumbai we know today has changed over time. Find out how some of us huddled around one colour TV set in the ’80s and when a policeman first took paternity leave, in part one of our special titled My City. Then click on My Life, which celebrates all that Mumbai has going for itself — from art, food and nightlife to sports and fitness. Read what eminent Mumbaiites feel about life then and now, and let former SUNDAY MiD DAY editors remind you about events and memories of another day. Join in. Celebrate 32 years of an unforgettable journey. Happy reading.

My City
We had Fiats. Now, we have BMWs and Audis. We thought pagers were cool. Now we have phablets. The first of the flyovers evoked awe. Now, we yawn when a new one opens. Book clubs were unique. Now Facebook Clubs are cool. The city that we live in has changed so much over the past three decades that it fills us with renewed wonder when we flip through the pages of history. In section one of our 32nd anniversary issue, we look back at the momentous occasions and events that have given shape to the Mumbai we know today.

SUNDAY MiD DAY 32nd Anniversary Special

Heritage: Mumbai's heritage movement, and other highlights. (Read more)

Community: From Bombay to Mumbai, and other encounters. (Read more)

Infrastructure: Mumbai's first theme park, and other milestones. (Read more)

Work: The Great Bombay Textile Strike, BSE 'criers' silenced, and more. (Read more)

Cars: From Maruti 800 to the BMW MINI. (Read more)

Tech: Connecting Mumbai. (Read more)

Transport: The way we travel. (Read more)

Books: Dalit literature about the City of Gold. (Read more)

Films: Mumbai's first insured film, and the world's youngest director. (Read more)

TV: Real-life gods and cabled lives. (Read more)

My Life
Just like the city around us has changed, we have changed too, in the way we dress, shop, listen to music, eat out and even stay fit. Look back to the 1980s or even the 1990s, and the mind boggles at how people managed without malls, looked dapper without shopping at those high-end Italian stores or found a decent Japanese restaurant in town. Or how in the world did they manage to stay fit without gyms and Zumba classes? Depending on your age, take a walk down memory lane or wonder at how people lived earlier.

SUNDAY MiD DAY 32nd Anniversary Special

Arts: Mumbai's art scene, then and now. (Read more)

Music: From Michael Jackson to pay-and-enter gigs. (Read more)

Food: The Mumbai McDonald story, and more. (Read more)

Fashion: First city fashion show and fashion weeks. (Read more)

Shopping: Mumbai at Crossroads. (Read more)

Snapshots: Mumbai in pictures. (View photos)

Nightlife: The bold and the bars. (Read more)

Sports: We box, we cricket, we win. (Read more)

Fitness: Rekha's secrets, and how we spin. (Read more)

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