SUNDAY MiD DAY's wishlist for 2014

Published: 29 December, 2013 07:54 IST | SUNDAY MiD DAY Team |

We let our imagination soar to present to you the wishlist we want to implement in the New Year

Hop on to the Dreamland Express
The year 2013 whizzes past, with its many highs and lows. But we’re sure you’d agree -- as we enter 2014 -- all we really want are solutions. What measures can set things right in the city? What will really improve our lives this year? We think inspiring, we think quirky -- but no, we don’t do preachy. We let our imagination soar to present to you the wishlist we want to implement in 2014. (Read more)

Let’s make it a ‘Fine’ City
Will our skywalks finally get walkalators? Will drunk driving invite swift punishment? Can we give stalkers a shock if they try to act fresh? And hope that spitters get packed off to jail? We expect a lot from 2014 when it comes to law and order. (Read more)

SUNDAY MiD DAY's wishlist for 2014, New Year's special

Will the real IT superpower please stand up?
Will India finally emerge as the IT superpower that we all dreamt of for so long? When it comes to launching new phones, tablets and other gadgets globally, India is still more of an afterthought. The year 2014 might be our chance to change that, either by launching a grand, legitimate ‘Made in India’ phone, tablet, search engine or game. Also, dare we hope that Apple products be made more affordable? (Read more)

Life after God (of cricket)
In 2013, cricket became a game of mortals again when the God of cricket decided he’d had enough. With master blaster Sachin Tendulkar no more taking the field, cricket in India, as we know it, shall take a new turn in the coming year. (Read more)

Life in the time of social media
Moral science is fine, but what about social media etiquette? Children, even those as young as five, spend so much time on their phones and tablets that it is time to have social media etiquette as a subject in school. And while we are on the topic, how about everything, from exam results to weddings, on social media? (Read more)

What’s the magic word?
We solemnly think Chetan Bhagat has a good chance of getting that Booker in 2014. And you’ll now know what PM Manmohan Singh and a bestseller fantasy novel have in common. But do not, under any circumstance, get Arnabed this year. (Read more)

Other side of midnight
The city that never sleeps seems to have fallen into deep slumber. But all that will change in 2014 -- that’s our bet. Mumbai’s legendary nightlife will get its fizz back, cops will patrol the city on sports bikes, our beaches will compete with Rio (well, almost) and fashion will go desi cool. (Read more)

Of meals, deals and wheels
We see it! Authentic cuisine will beat the Chicken Tikka Pizza and Sushi Paratha, Mumbai’s restaurants will be ranked among the best in Asia and BEST buses will open snack shops on board. Will the Vada Pav conquer America? Hello, do you think we are fortune tellers? (Read more)

Of Bollywood friendships, dislike buttons and Honey Singh
What is worse than alleged lovers in Bollywood insisting they are ‘just good friends’? Not talking about their love lives at all -- Karan Johar will, we are sure, agree. But what we fervently hope for in 2014 are dislike buttons in Utopian world aka Facebook and Honey Singh to cure our heartbreaks, among others. (Read more)

More music, more masti
What’s stopping Yo Yo Honey Singh from singing a ghazal? And what if a Hollywood music director plagiarises a Hindi song in 2014? We place our bets for the coming year. (Read more)

Banking on the big screen
Yes, we like it when Priyanka Chopra shimmies her booty on Pinky hai paisewalon ki. But admit it, you do miss watching Rakhi Sawant do what she does best -- item songs. All that and more is on our wishlist for 2014. (Read more)

Tadka in telly land
From politicians taking up tasks and competing with each other on Bigg Boss, to introducing warning hooters that will well, hoot, if anyone on a chat show crosses 60 decibels (some show hosts sadly never get the message), our wishlist for the small screen in 2014 is sure to resonate with many telly viewers. (Read more)

A few good men and women
There are many who are changing the city’s -- and the country’s -- landscape by championing social causes that impact thousands of lives. We bring you some do-gooders who we think will make waves in the new year. (Read more)

Must calendar (of things to do in 2014)
Eat, pray, love, drink, watch and laugh your way through 2014 with SUNDAY MiD DAY’s pick of the best plays, workshops, films, books, festivals, exhibitions, TV shows, fine dining places and culinary experiences in the coming year. Happy planning. (Read more)

Let’s Year it For…
… 2014. Whether it is wishful thinking such as Oprah Winfrey marrying
Deepak Chopra simply so we can call her Oprah Chopra, or dentists getting arrested on extraction charges, this is all about the impotence of being earnest. (Read more)

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