Suniel Shetty's wife Mana speaks about her work and her family

Jan 09, 2013, 09:14 IST | Deepali Dhingra

Mana Shetty is a lot of things � she's wife to actor Suniel Shetty and is a mother of two children.

She also runs an NGO and is soon set to become an entrepreneur. But what she likes doing best, is being with her family, from whom she’s just a phonecall away. Mana speaks to CS about her work and her family:

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Exploring avenues
Being called a celeb wife doesn't annoy me. But it would be nice if people recognise us as individuals too. We're all doing a lot of work in our own right. And we all do it because we are passionate about it. It’s okay if people want to slot us into categories. I have no issues with that. However, I prefer to look at the brighter side. I'm doing so much and giving back to the society in my own way by holding an exhibition for our NGO. But being married to Suniel has opened up so many doors for me. People treat me differently because I'm Mrs Shetty. It's a passport to good things. I would be a hypocrite if I did not acknowledge that. It has only affected me positively and in fact, has helped me build my own identity.

Homebody at heart
Whatever I do, my priority is my home and family. One phone call from my house and I go rushing back. Handling so many things is all a matter of time management. I have an excellent support staff. I love spending time with my family as well as doing all the work I do. I can't sit at home waiting for Suniel and the kids to come home. A lot of credit goes to the people around me because of whom I'm able to get my work done.

Pillar of support
Suniel has literally rolled out the red carpet for me. He keeps busy with his film shoots and other business but each time I've needed his time, his trust and his confidence, he's been there for me 200 per cent. Even the kids understand that I'm a working mother. They always attend my exhibition and are proud of me.

Beyond B-town
I love watching films and travelling to new places. I'm also very particular about my workouts. I regularly meet my girlfriends for lunch. It's a stress-buster. Suniel and I like watching films together and going out for dinners. He tries to travel with me everytime I'm going somewhere for my work. We like to chill out with our friends as and when we get the time. We lead a very normal life, just like any other couple. 

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