Sunil Bohra to produce a film on David Headley

Jan 25, 2013, 08:20 IST | Kunal M Shah

The producers' next project to be based on sentenced terror mastermind David Headley

It’s a classic case of reality bytes. Hours before the sentence verdict on Pakistani-American LeT terrorist David Headley was announced, we heard that producer Sunil Bohra will be basing his next production on the terror mastermind. 

Sunil Bohra

Our sources tell us that Bohra has already bought the rights of Rahul Bhatt’s book Headley And I, which is written by S Hussain Zaidi and will be making a film with international stars. Hansal Mehta will adapt the novel into the script and the director is yet to be finalised.

Bohra says, “I would say it just happened. I have been avidly following the David Headley case. Even when the whole Rahul Bhatt-episode happened, I had read it in the newspapers. A week back, my cousin Abhishek Vyas happened to read the novel and suggested we should make a film on it. I jumped at the idea and called Hussain Zaidi.”

Incidentally, Bohra admits he has not read the novel, though he hopes to start soon. “It has all the ingredients of a big film. I am very excited and it will be an eye-opener.”

The producer says he is extremely enthusiastic about his project and adds, “All this happened in the space of only a week. I have never been so charged about anything else in this world.”

How it began...
Rahul Bhatt’s book with Hussain Zaidi is based on his experience with Headley whom Rahul had befriended. Later, Headley turned out to be the mastermind of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks and Rahul himself was put under the scanner. 

Rahul Bhatt's book with Hussain Zaidi, Headley

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