Sunil Gavaskar wants boundaries in IPL being a bit longer

May 31, 2014, 08:56 IST | PTI

BCCI-IPL President Sunil Gavaskar believes this change will help bowlers

New Delhi: As his tenure comes to an end at the conclusion of the IPL-7 final on June 1, BCCI-IPL President Sunil Gavaskar feels effective implementation of ideas is a big challenge for any former player who wants to don an administrator's hat.

BCCI-IPL President Sunil Gavaskar
BCCI-IPL President Sunil Gavaskar 

"The biggest challenge for him (player-turned-official) is to put forward some of the ideas he has and the suggestions he has based on the observations he might have made while playing, and to convince the other members of the administration team to act on them," Gavaskar told the IPLT20 website.

"Often, we go by tradition and there's reluctance to accept change. That is the biggest challenge for a player-turned-administrator. Having said that, mine has been a really short stint, hardly four-five weeks. So, it's not right for me to be judgmental about it," the legendary opener said.

System in place
Gavaskar, on his part said that it was easier for him to incorporate his ideas as they had a solid system in place. "What I tried to do when I took over the job was to make the IPL organisation a little more media-friendly and more accessible to the media.

It is important to keep the media as informed as possible and try to keep them in the loop so that there are no unwanted speculations and wild rumours."

According to Gavaskar, the highlight of IPL-7 was smooth organisation of the UAE leg. "I think the highlight for me was the way the UAE leg went through. The response we got from fans and organisers there was incredible.

The organization and the management went on very smoothly as well." Gavaskar urged fans to have faith in the cricketing fraternity. "It's important for the fans to have faith in the cricketing fraternity.

Just because one or two players have gone down the wrong road, it doesn't mean that the rest of the players are guilty. That is what the fans should actually believe in."

Asked about the kind of changes that can be made to improve IPL, Gavaskar said, "From the bowlers' point of view, I'd like to see the boundaries being a bit longer. I do understand that a certain distance is required between the boundary and the fence with all the sliding that fielders do these days.

The number of IPL-7 games that were conducted in the United Arab Emirates

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