Sunny Leone goes all guns blazing for 'Tina and Lolo'

Sep 24, 2013, 08:52 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Sunny Leone has just wrapped up the first schedule of her upcoming action flick 'Tina and Lolo'

Devang Dholakia’s film has the adult star- turned-actress indulge in some heavy-duty gun slinging and fist pumping action. Even though there was a choice for a body double, the Jism 2 starlet insisted on doing her own stunts.

Sunny Leone

Eyebrows were raised about the wisdom behind casting Sunny known for her sensual image as the protagonist. She is apparently keen to make her detractors eat humble pie in a conscious effort to change her perceived image.

Says Sunny, “I have left no stone unturned to give my character Tina the very best preparation and show the audience a whole new side of me. The look is glamorous but there is more to it considering the extraordinary circumstances my character finds myself in. Devang has given me a role that most actresses would love to sink their teeth into.”

She also undertook several sessions with boxing champion Terry Norris to know how to fight naturally. To not look out of place while performing the stunts, Sunny learnt how to ride a bike and also frequented a shooting club to wield the gun right.

Sunny, who has Karishma Tanna as her co-star in the film, is so serious about her makeover that she is keen to add the action heroine quotient as well. She has even apparently sought inspiration from Angelina Jolie’s look in Lara Croft Tomb Raider. 

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