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Jul 22, 2014, 07:32 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

Three questions with Marathi author, Anand Latkar

Q. What is your book, Good Morning about?
A. It’s basically an observation of the things and people that I see around me. I like to make friends who are as young as 8-year-olds to as old as 80-year-olds. This book contains my experience of talking to such people. I like to write and this compilation is what I feel about our society today. I have written the book in a humorous format so that people will find it interesting to read.

Anand Latkar, Marathi author
Anand Latkar. Marathi author

Q. What is your take on today’s generation, based on your observations?
A. 80% changes are positive. When I was young, there was one phone in 10 houses but now almost everybody has a cell phone. In this book, I have written an article on how when four friends meet they are generally seen talking on the phone with four different people, which is wrong. Instead of having real friends, people have Whatsapp friends. Technology is a good thing when used in the right sense. Otherwise today’s generation is smart.

Good Morning
Good Morning, Anand Latkar, Adhana Prakashan, Rs 100. Available at leading bookstores.

Q. Can you give tips to young writers and do you feel there is a change in the writing style of youngsters?
A. There is a change for sure, as there is a social and an economic change that is happening. I will never mention friends sitting in a fast food chain and chatting with each other, which a young writer will do for sure. This generation does not need any tips, they know what they have to do and what is needed to be done. Younger generation should write, keep on writing blogs, or on twitter or anything else but they should keep on writing.

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