Sunny side up

Mar 13, 2013, 00:17 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

With the weather in Mumbai touching 40 degrees, the summer season already seems too dreadful to bear.

But actor Shazahn Padamsee prefers to see the brighter side of the season. The chirpy gal loves to shop, head for holidays or just go to Goa for some serious beach bumming. In a light-hearted interview, Shazahn shares with CS the things that make summer a positive season for her:

Shazahn Padamsee
Who: Shazahn Padamsee
What: What makes summer a cool season
PIC/ Shadab Khan

Winter woes
Honestly, I hate winters. I find the season very bleak and depressing. I remember shooting this winter in Film City, where the temperature was around 11 degrees. It was a night schedule and I used to freeze from head to toe. I am happy now that the weather is warmer and better. Summers are synonymous with holidays. Even the thought of a summer break makes me super happy.

Summer colours
I love everything that's light and bright in this season. I like the colour yellow. I think it's the perfect summer colour. I like to wear the richer shades of yellow with minimal accessories. If you plan to wear this colour, avoid pairing it with other colours. A pair of golden sandals or nude flats with it should be good. A bright shade of maroon also looks nice in dresses, especially during the day. Coral is another hue that you will find a lot in my wardrobe.

Time to shop
Every year, I get myself new accessories for the season. It can be glares, shoes or bags. I love casual dressing and summer is the season to flaunt those tiny shorts, tank tops and sexy dresses. With these, you can avoid being too formal even at an evening event, which can be a relief at times.

The Goa gal
I think the period from March to April is a great time to be in Goa, which is my favourite holiday destination. The holiday season is over and the beaches are less crowded. The weather is quite perfect to chill out solo or with a group of friends. You can spend hours getting a tan or join the evening parties, which are common out there.

Memorable break
Every couple of years, I head off to New York for the summers. March is spring in New York, so the weather is truly pleasant. More than the Times Square, which is the more touristy part of New York, I like being in Soho. The vibe there is more artistic and chilled out. You can spend hours at the cafes or just check out the galleries or simply be at the parks. Another place I would love to visit in spring is Japan. I would love to see the cherryblossoms in full bloom.

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