Sureshot ways to give your woman an orgasm

Dec 07, 2012, 11:26 IST | A Correspondent

Hollywood actor Warren Beatty, who bedded some of the most glamorous Hollywood actresses, calls an orgasm a sexual sneeze. Heres a lowdown on the most climatic experience in the world, also called the big O

Kim Cattrall, TV show Sex and the City's saucy Samantha, did not achieve orgasm in her real life, until she met her husband Mark, at age 40. Id gone through two decades of unsatisfactory sexual relationships, she reveals in her book, Satisfaction: Art of the Female Orgasm (available in online bookstores).

Kim Cattrall

Kim says: A man should know how to make a woman experience orgasm, until she is truly satisfied.

This is not the only ingredient of a good relationship, but it is an excellent glue for binding couples together. And for men, nothing compares to having your lover respond to your touch.

But remember, the more of a goal you make the orgasm; the less likely it is to happen. The most important part is to relax and enjoy yourselves.

1. The Grind
During intercourse, increase the pressure exerted on her clitoris, by rotating your hips just like when you are grinding on a dance floor. Try to push against the front of her groin with the area just above the penis. Rocking back and forth or side to side is a good way to get started. 

Sex and relationships, Orgasm

2. Rule of thumb
With her sitting on top of you, lie flat on your back. Tighten your stomach muscles and tilt your pelvis upward. Put a pillow under your butt. Put your hand over her pubic region, and place your thumb on her clitoris. Stimulate her clit, while she rides you. 

3. T Position
Make your woman lie on her back, while you lie at a right angle to her, thus forming a T, while straddling her far leg. Depending on her flexibility, this is a great position for deep penetration, while exposing the clitoris for manual stimulation. The double stimulation could lead to the big O really quickly. 

4. The Maximiser
Your woman lies on her back, legs tightly held together. You lie on top, stand or kneel, in front. Instead of being directly in line with her, be at a slight diagonal. Put both her legs over one shoulder, or hanging off the bed or couch. Begin penetration. This position has maximum chances of hitting the G Spot. 

2 types of the Big O
Clitoral: Women usually get themselves off with a clitoral orgasm when they masturbate, but this leaves vaginal orgasms untapped.

G spot or vaginal: Vaginal sex, when done thoughtlessly, is one of the clumsiest ways to stimulate a woman. The degree of stimulation to the womans clitoral area is nothing compared to masturbation or oral sex.

Tip: For a vaginal orgasm, stimulate the G Spot. Its located roughly 1.5 inside the vagina on the upper wall. A G Spot orgasm culminates in the legendary female ejaculation, and 15-30 minutes of euphoria.

Why an orgasm is healthy
Besides the explosive burst of pleasure that it is, an orgasm burns calories, calms junk food cravings, relieves tension, helps you sleep better and relaxes your muscles.

If you dont climax with sex, try masturbation.

Solo or mutual masturbation is a wonderful, safe and healthy way to orgasm, which Indian women unfortunately tend to shy away from.
-- Dr Madhav Pakhare Sexologist

Jayati Bhatia, Sex and relationships, Orgasm
Jayati Bhatia:
The big O is like great Maach Bhaat, and finishing it off with Rosogulla

Peeya Rai Chaudhary, Sex and relationships, Orgasm
Peeya Rai Chaudhary:
Sitting on a roller coaster

Rajeshwari Sachdev, Sex and relationships, orgasm
Rajeshwari Sachdev:
Completing a powerful dance performance 

Late night laugh
A man is trying to get his wife in the mood, when she says, Im sorry honey. Ive got a gynaec appointment tomorrow and want to stay fresh. 

Dejected, the husband turns over and tries to sleep. A few minutes later, he rolls back over and whispers in her ear, Do you have a dentist appointment too?

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