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Jul 15, 2012, 08:23 IST | Nimish Dubey

The Internet is a repository of information. There are mounds of cool things you decide to save for reading later, but don't � because by that time, more information, articles and reviews have come in and you're drowning in hard-to-remember URLs. These handy apps save all you wish to read for later, with minimum fuss


Pocket is the new avatar of one of the most appropriately named apps in app history — Read It Later. However, it has lost none of its effectiveness under its new nomenclature. What it has lost is the price tag — the app is available free of cost, and works brilliantly. If you ever come across something you would like to save for later reading — an article or even a video — just head to the Pocket option in your browser (in Bookmarks in Safari and in Share on Android). It will be saved in the app, letting you head back to it and read it, in a clear, reader-friendly format. Simple and very effective, with the addition of saving video being a neat touch. You can even install a Pocket extension to your desktop browser for saving articles.
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This is an app dedicated totally to ensuring you get a great reading experience. Installing it in your desktop browser (it works smoothly with Firefox, Chrome and Safari) adds a button to your browser. If you want a cleaner view of what you are seeing, stripped of the ads and other noise, just hit the button and choose the Read Now option for a cleaner looking page. Of course, if you wish to save the page for later reading, just opt for Read Later, or even use the Send To Kindle, if you possess a Kindle and prefer to read your news there. Works like a charm, both for reading at present as well as later — you can even access the articles you have saved on your Android and iOS devices.
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Part social network of readers, part later-reading tool, Spool works by not only letting you save articles and pages for reading later but also gives you the option to read what other Spool members have recommended. So you can either simply stick to reading what you have saved for later, or go right ahead and find more to read, depending on what other Spool members say is worth reading. It also comes with the option to share videos, which is kind of handy for those looking for variety. Again, Spool works perfectly well with both, your Android and iOS devices.
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The only “paid” app on our list (it is free on Android, but costs $3.99 for iOS), Instapaper is for many, the app that is synonymous with the “save-to-read-later” concept . The app works like Pages — it lets you save pages and articles from your Android and iOS browser, by choosing the Instapaper option from Share or Bookmarks, depending on your device. Just open your Instapaper app and all you want to read will be there, saved neatly (the complete article downloads in the background). There is even a selection of articles selected by the editor. Unlike Pages, Instapaper saves no videos and has a very plain interface, but for hardcore readers, this is the perfect app.
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Perhaps one of the neatest ways to ensure that you actually read what you save for later reading is to send it to yourself in the form of an e-book. And that is what this web-based app (it works from within a browser) does. All you have to do is generate a reading list by pasting the URLs of the pages you wish to read — and the app converts them all into a handy e-book format which you can then mail to yourself on your Kindle or iPad or just read it off any reading software that supports the ePub format. What you get is a book comprising the articles you wished to read, with all ads removed and formatted for better reading.
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