26/11 survivors, victims' kin hail Supreme Court verdict

Aug 29, 2012, 14:56 IST | Agencies

Survivors and kin of victims of the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai want Ajmal Qasab to be hanged as early as possible without giving him a chance to make a clemency plea.

Survivors and kin of victims of the 26/11 terror attacks today hailed the Supreme Court judgment upholding the death sentence of Ajmal Qasab, the only surviving Pakistani terrorist behind the strike.

"I'm more than happy. I know my husband is not going to return, but it gives some peace to my soul that the perpetrator of the crime has been punished even if he is just a pawn," said Ragini Sharma, wife of Sushikumar Sharma, a ticket inspector at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, who was among the 166 people killed in the carnage.

Taj hotel, 26/11
The Taj Mahal Hotel was one of the targets of 26/11 terrorists (Pic - AFP)

"However, I feel he (Kasab) should be executed within a month and not given a chance to make an appeal to the President of India, considering the heinous nature of his crime," she said.

Mohammed Hanif Peer Mohammed, 69, who lost his brother in the attacks, seconded this.

"Although the judgment is out and the accused has been found guilty, I want to see him hanged to death," he said.

Sachin Bhonsale, son of slain assistant sub-inspector Balasaheb Bhonsale, said, "I'm glad is all I can say. Although late, I feel my father's death did not go waste."

"However, Qasab should be hanged at the earliest without any kind of waiting for providing him with an opportunity to appeal further," he said.

Bhonsale said that instead of executing Qasab, he should be handed over to the survivors and kin of the victims.

"Give his custody to people like us, people who have survived the attack or those who have lost their most loved ones. We will take good care of him," he sarcastically said.

Police officer Sanjay Govilkar said he was glad that the Indian judicial system had once again proved that it would not tolerate any attack on the nation.

Columnist Bhisham Mansukhani, who escaped the attack at the Taj Hotel, however, said the Qasab saga would continue.

"Having to deal with incompetent people at the top, we will continue to be haunted by the ghastly 26/11 anniversary stories and Qasab will continue to gain attention until he is hanged," he said.

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