Suspects took on aliases, says kin of sexually assaulted Mumbai schoolboy

Mar 31, 2013, 05:31 IST | Sagar Rajput

Six-year-old victim of sexual abuse names tormentors, but cops find the names are of his classmates. Family says school bus driver and cleaner are main culprits

The six-year-old boy, who was allegedly sexually assaulted, has accused two more people—Prithvi and Kaif. While the police have identified the names as those of the victim’s classmates, the boy’s uncle claims that the accused took on aliases in order to confuse the boy. He suspects the driver and the cleanerof the bus and asserts that the attendant Farah Sheikh, who was arrested on Friday, played a major role in the entire episode.

The victim’s uncle said, “The two suspects took on the names of the students studying in the boy’s class as they knew he would remember nothing more than their names, which would make it difficult for the police to nab them. They had threatened the boy not to tell anybody about the incident.”

Suspects took on aliases, says kin of sexually assaulted Mumbai schoolboy

However, a police officer said, “Prithvi and Kaif turned out to be the victim’s classmates, who used to continuously tease him because he suffered from incontinence. Investigations also revealed that the mother had sent a letter to the school complaining that these two had been continuously harassing her son. The principal of the school had called his parents for a meeting, but they didn’t turn up.”

The boy’s uncle added, “The boy has been sexually abused since December. The incidents have been taking place on school premises, while during the latest one—on March 18—he was taken to Andheri in a rickshaw. After that day, the boy was notready to go to school because of the pain he was going through.”

The uncle refused claims of the child being mentally disabled. “He was so afraid that he wasn’t willing to speak to anyone about the incident. But after his mother spoke to him lovingly, he told her about his suffering. The police wants him to speak very clearly about his torment which is nearly impossible for such a small boy,” he said. The police team is still awaiting the medical report, which was examined by the panel of six doctors from Nair Hospital. Meanwhile, a psychiatrist has been provided for the boy. 

The principal of the school said, “Teachers are always present with the student. Even in the toilets, there is a lady available. I don’t feel it’s possible for such a crime to occur in school. CCTV cameras are also placed on the school premises. The first thing that the parents of the victim should have done is come and inform me about the incident after which we would have investigated the matter. But instead they chose to report it to the police.”

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