Swapnil Shinde gives the Paithani a ramp call

Feb 21, 2014, 12:00 IST | Ruchika Kher

Swapnil Shinde will add a new twist for his upcoming collection by using Paithani, a weave from his home state

Continuing with his love affair for all-things-futuristic, fashion designer Swapnil Shinde has created a contemporary line for the upcoming fashion week in the city, and has given it a Maharashtrian flavour by using Paithani as the base fabric for this collection.

A sketch from the collection

Shinde will showcase his collection on The India Textile Day this time, a first for him. “The Indian textile closet to me has been Paithani for a very long time,” says Shinde, who is known for his flowing gowns, adding, “It has not been tapped for Western wear as of now. So, the idea is to make it more luxurious than it already is by giving it a modern and contemporary feel.”

 Swapnil Shinde
Swapnil Shinde, (above) a sketch from his upcoming collection

Shinde clarifies that he will stick to his brand aesthetic, which is focused on futuristic designs, but he hopes to blend the same with traditional Paithani. “The silhouettes are filled with volume, with emphasis on the back and shoulder. The look if fluffy and light as air with a few restrictions and bondage through cinched waists,” he reveals.

The NIFT alumnus says that the key inspiration were paintings by Italian painter Raphael on love from the Renaissance period. “It’s my interpretation of these paintings and the amalgamation of Paithani that makes the look exciting, modern and contemporary,” he sums up.

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