Sweet burgers, smurfs good enough to eat

Jul 27, 2012, 10:02 IST | Soma Das

After workshops in the US, UK and the UAE, Khushi Malani is in the city to teach Mumbaikars how to carve, sculpt and airbrush cakes that look like hamburgers and defy gravity

The thirty-two-year old Khushi Malani discovered the joys of baking while experimenting in her Dubai kitchen, five years ago. After some time, she decided to launch her own company called Sweet Success to share her love of cake-making and decoration with others who shared her passion.

She now conducts courses around the world. Currently in the city to teach baking amateurs and baking enthusiasts the art of cake decoration under the name Cakecaraft India, she says, “I started out by baking for my family. Through trial and error, I polished my craft and learnt from my mistakes. I am constantly researching new methods of crafting cakes by reading, browsing the Internet and watching food shows,” she says, adding that cake engineering is popular abroad, but is still in a nascent stage in India.

The Smurfs cake

Malani teaches participants how to decorate cakes with sugar paste, how to carve and sculpt cakes, airbrush them and make them look “topsy turvy”. She will also teach students how to make a Smurf cake using characters from the comic book series, a Hawaai Cake depicting a scene from the beach, a Hamburger Cake and a gravity-defying Rapunzel Cake that depicts Rapunzel’s tower.

The gravity-defying Rapunzel cake

The two to four day-long basic and advanced workshops are open to amateurs as well as seasoned bakers. A maximum of eight participants will be enrolled for each workshop.

“The focus is on embellishing, texture and creating a balance of elements,” says Malani, adding that key ingredients will be provided during the workshop. “The best part is that the cakes look life-like, but are made using ingredients that are completely edible,” states Malani.

Next up, Malani is hoping to start a cake decorating school in the city. “I conduct my workshops every few months. My next workshop will focus on decorating cakes with sugar flowers,” she signs off.

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