Sweet, knotty love

Mar 11, 2014, 09:35 IST | Kanika Sharma

As the Vidya Balan-Farhan Akhtar starrer 'Shaadi Ke Side Effects' looks at how equations change before and after marriage, the guide quizzed three celebrity married couples who work together, to spill the beans about their lives and times in Mumbai

Falguni and Shane Peacock
Designer duo
“Nothing much has changed after our wedding. We were dating before we were married, so, for us it was the same. We understand and respect each other’s opinions, which may differ from time to time. We meet half-way when we don’t agree, and it can be over designs, styles, cuts or even issues at home. Very rarely do we have arguments as we have similar passions, interests and design sensibilities. The best part about our relationship is that we agree to disagree and do not try and force our opinions on each other,” voice the couple.

Divya Palat and Aditya Hitkari
Actor-director and Actor-VJ
Divya says, “Before marriage working with Aditya could be described as ‘one long shouting match with lots of door-slamming.” Aditya’s style of theatre is ‘boring’ compared to my ‘commercial’ and as he’d put it ‘obviously funny’ theatre. Choosing a play would lead to debates and blackmailing. In the end, we’d do what catered to his sensibilities and yet remain entertaining. Post marriage, he’s started making some sense of my madness! We still don’t agree on every idea but there's no door-slamming (because he can't find the house keys and during a fight he won't trust that I'll let him back in!). We still have shouting matches though and my poor parents and my puppy Cookie are called in to referee. Aditya says, “Fortunately or unfortunately, there’s been not much change in Divya before our marriage or after! I fell in love with Divya because she was like the yin to my yang. I had the ideas and the vision; she has the follow-through. Our shouting matches are legendary. We’ll be shouting at each other for an hour and then suddenly find a middle ground. During all that, Divya will start laughing because she’d been able to figure out how she can make the show happen. Post marriage, Divya is the powerhouse.”

Jitish and Reena Kallat
Reena says, “Art allows us the possibility to address larger questions about life itself. Before marriage, in our student years (around 1991) we spent time in libraries, galleries, hanging out at film festivals and theatre performances. Soon after we got married we shared a studio. We loved working late into the nights; sometimes, taking walks at 5 am and not feeling the need to get home for three days in a row. I remember photographing Jitish’s paintings, which were to leave for an exhibition in New York, the following day after we got married.” Jitish adds, “Reena and I met on Sir JJ School of Art campus and I often say it was love at first fight. We’ve known each other since then. We continue to work, play, learn and evolve together through all the exhilarating possibilities of life. It’s been 20 years, so we’ve been together for half our lives. Since art mostly took us in the same direction, in the first few years of marriage we’d travel together most of the time. Our son Ahaan seems to enjoy the flux and is often part of studio processes.”

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