Sweet madness

Jul 06, 2014, 06:05 IST | Deepali Dhingra

What happens when a singer-songwriter like Benny Dayal joins forces with a bass heavy artist such as Nucleya? A whacky track that will have you dancing your heart out, finds Deepali Dhingra 

It’s a great time for independent music, everyone agrees. Even more so, when you find that there are various platforms and companies, that are giving their full-fledged support to indie music. Take for instance Sony India, which came up with Project Resound that featured Kailash Kher and Shreya Ghoshal.

Benny Dayal and Nucleya’s latest track Tamil fever will launch tomorrow on the website www.sony.co.in/upgradeyourears
Benny Dayal and Nucleya’s latest track Tamil fever will launch tomorrow on the website www.sony.co.in/upgradeyourears

As part of the campaign, the singing sensations came together for a web concert. In its second season, artistes such as Pentagram, Nucleya and Benny Dayal, Midival Punditz and Kutle Khan and The Karsh Kale Collective have worked on four exceptional tracks, to let the listener experience ‘purity of sound’ — the theme of the contest. Tamil Fever, the first of these songs that gets launched tomorrow, is a collaborative effort by Delhi-based heavy bass artiste Nucleya and singer and songwriter Benny Dayal.

For Nucleya, working on this collaboration was an exciting process, as he got to experiment with South Indian street music. “Street music in India makes you want to dance. So it’s very pure in that way,” he elaborates. The ‘purity of sound’ bit, worked well for Benny as well as he believes that the purity stems from every aspect of the song that brings a zing to your heart. “We wanted to be original and keep it as pure as possible,” adds the musician.

The result? Tamil fever, a global dance track that’s bound to make you get up and shake a leg. “The idea was to take South Indian street music in its raw form and introduce electronic music into it,” shares Nucleya. Ask Benny how he would describe the track, and he replies, “I call it sweet madness. It’s whacky and sounds sweet at the same time. And it has a mad music video to go with it.”

The duo are definitely excited about people’s reaction to this indie track. Because at the end of the day, the artistes believe that the genre doesn’t really matter, the music does. “At the end of the day, we’re all musicians and our purpose is to make good music. Whether it’s rock or classical or playback, it all comes from the same place — the heart,” adds Benny. We couldn’t have said it better.

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