Swine flu kills Mumbai rickshaw driver in 48 hours

Sep 01, 2013, 09:18 IST | Nehalm Tripathi

A 40-year-old from Kalyan died of H1N1 yesterday two days after he went to a hospital for check-up

What seemed like a bout of cough turned fatal for Anwar Shaikh, who died of swine flu on Saturday in Vashi. This is the second death due to H1N1 reported in the city in the month of August. A Kalyan-based auto-rickshaw driver was admitted to Nityanand Hospital after he complained of severe cough on August 29 around 11 pm. Within four hours, Shaikh’s condition deteriorated and he was put on ventilator. According to Friday’s medical reports, the 40-year-old was suffering from swine flu and authorities at the hospital asked the family to shift Shaikh to other hospital, as they did not treat such cases. 

Anwar Shaikh was put on the ventilator within hours after being admitted to the hospital

Shifted to BMC hospital
Then, Shaikh’s family rushed him to MGM Hospital in Vashi. “Around 12.30 am, we realised that no one was helping Anwar and his condition was worsening. It was only when I told one of the doctors that I was from the media, did he advise us to go Kasturba Hospital, which treats swine flu cases,” said Firoze Khan, Shaikh’s friend, adding that the delay in treatment was the cause of Shaikh's death. According to sources at Kasturba Hospital, Shaikh's condition was critical when he was brought in at 2.15 am. Unfortunately, Shaikh passed away within an hour of admission.

Though Shaikh’s symptoms point to swine flu, the cause of death will be determined after the post-mortem reports. “The post-mortem was carried out at JJ Hospital and once it arrives, we will be clear about the exact cause of death,” said Mangala Gomare, Epidemiologist of BMC. Shaikh is survived by his mother, daughters Mehek (10), Sana (6) and his wife, who is seven-months pregnant.

Did you know?
46 swine flu cases have been recorded in Mumbai since January 2013 

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