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May 10, 2015, 08:46 IST | Anju Maskeri

Good ol’ resumes and tedious job applications may soon be a thing of the past with the launch of Super, the only India-based mobile-app in the job arena that works on the lines of Tinder. Anju Maskeri gets you the details

For Dayson Pais and Faisal Memon, the founders of Super, it was not just about simplifying the rigmarole of a job hunt but helping a job seeker get exactly what he/she was looking for. “Have you ever tried finding a job online? It's overwhelming! You have to wade through never-ending lists of posts, and they all look and feel the same. Nobody enjoys this. Besides, these posts give you absolutely no idea of what it’s like to work at these companies — their offices, culture, people etc. You don’t find a job you love by going through thousands of listings and narrowing it down to one. That’s not how it works in real life. We wanted to reimagine this completely and change the way the job hunting sector works,” reveals Dayson, who is the co-founder and CEO of Super.

Dayson Pais with his team
Dayson Pais with his team

The app was first launched as a mobile resume builder in 2013 and witnessed traction of over 5,00,000 downloads from all around the world. “Its success made us realise that now is the time to take the entire jobs/hiring problem head-on,” he smiles.

The app works like Tinder, where both companies and users can create profiles. On viewing a potential candidate’s profile, employers can swipe right. The candidates do the same on employers’ profiles. If both parties swipe right for each other, the app connects them over email. The app, which was launched late February this year, has a young team of 20-odd people working on it. As the only app of its kind in India, there was little competition to tackle, but that did not mean the challenges were any less. “There are very few usable products on mobile in this field.

A screenshot of the app
A screenshot of the app

Moreover, companies don't know what makes them attractive to a job seeker. So a lot of the information we really want to focus on doesn’t exist. We’ve had to constantly discover ways to dig up the data and bring it together in innovative ways,” explains Pais who now has a data team that's focused only on solving this problem. They visit startups and create in-depth profiles for them using data, office photos, videos, culture, vision, team interviews, testimonials, perks and more. “Someone had to do this. We figured that someone is us. We're on it now,” he adds.

The response has been heartwarming, with 35,000 plus users, several startups and tech companies using Super to get connected to one another. While Pais refuses to reveal the revenue model, he quips that it is absolutely free and that their focus is now on wooing the market. And what are their future plans? “We’re focused on solving the jobs/hiring problem and there’s enough to do here for years to come,” he concludes.

How It Works

>> Install the App and Login
>> Discover workplaces tailored for you by swiping
>> Find out what its like to work there through photos, interviews, etc
>> Swipe right to like a company if you want to work there
>> And if they also like you, Super connects both

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