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All sports don’t require you to break into a sweat. Here are recommendations for the season from the city’s boardgame enthusiasts

Two months ago, 25-year-old Riddhi Dalal opened Creeda Board Game Café at Fort. Nestled in a bylane near Sterling Cinema, most customers who walk in have heard about the place through word of mouth.

“The city is bored to death, and wants some action. Board games are not just for kids, and at the café, I stock party games, strategy (intellectual) games, for all age groups. The current favourite is Pandemic Legacy, a one-time, four-player game that has the city hooked since December. In the game, the world is on the brink of disaster. Your team must keep four deadly diseases at bay for a whole year,” explains Dalal. The non-replayable co-operative campaign game runs up to 12-24 sessions. With every turn, a player can travel, build structures, trade cards or find a cure for a disease. Each player has a unique role with special abilities to help them at these actions. Want to know other games to invest in this year? Avid gamers from the city pitch in for the list.

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(L-R) Aniceto Pereira, Riddhi Dalal and Mohsin Memon play X-Wing Miniature, The Force Awakens at Creeda Board Game Café at Fort
(L-R) Aniceto Pereira, Riddhi Dalal and Mohsin Memon play X-Wing Miniature, The Force Awakens at Creeda Board Game Café at Fort

X-Wing Miniature, The Force Awakens Rs 3,900
Mohsin Memon, who works Memcorp, a company that imparts corporate learning through game-based immersive learning, is a fan of the Star Wars franchise. “But, I can’t get enough of this two-player game that came out in September. The game has X-Wing miniatures starfighters, two TIE fighters and involves aerial combat on a table top. The game requires you to plot your maneuvers, fly at your enemies, take aim, and fire,” he says.

Rubianca and Sahil Wadhwa launched the game in April this year
Rubianca and Sahil Wadhwa launched the game in April this year

Fletter Rs 349
For Urvashi Shah, a custom stylist and designer from Andheri, Fletter remains an all-time favourite. The word game was launched by Rubianca and Sahil Wadhwa in April this year. “This game requires you to be alert every second. Players have to make words at rapid-fire speed from the drawn letter cards and shout them out aloud. So, it is the survival of the smartest and the quickest,” says Shah. In each round, players can decide to make 4-6 letter words.

Rubianca and Sahil Wadhwa launched the game in April this year

Mind Your Word Rs 500
Kumar Jhuremalani from Bandra, one of the founders of Board Games Bash, which conducts monthly board game nights at restaurants, suggests Mind Your Word, which launched in June. “If you are a word game fan, think Scrabble but double the fun. This game can be played individually or in a team. But, unlike scrabble, you can steal your opponent’s letters.

Small City Rs 5,291
Aniceto Pereira recommends Small City by Alban Viard, a board game similar to Sin City, that launched in October. “Players build commercial, residential, industrial districts in their boroughs and get votes from the citizens in their district. You have eight rounds to get elected as the mayor, and it can get pretty competitive.” Votes can be earned over the course of the game placing citizens in residential spaces, by erecting cultural buildings,  keeping commercial buildings in suitable areas. Mind you, you will also need to keep a tab on pollution levels. Are you ready to play politician?

Settlers of Catan Rs 3,000
Jhuremalani also recommends Settlers of Catan, launched in October this year, which requires players to strategise and plan. “Settlers have to tame the rich isle of Catan. No two games will be the same. So, from trading to development, farming to fighting robbers, this one has it all.” Barter trade dominates the scene. So, you may have some resources in abundance, others may be scarce, which may require you trade according to what is needed for your current building projects.
Each settlement is worth one victory point and each city is worth two. The first player to reach 10 victory points wins.

First Published: 03 January, 2016 08:45 IST

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