Take a bow, Mumbai cops!

Mar 18, 2014, 07:52 IST | MiDDAY Correspondent

Acity where people are used to flouting rules and walking away with impunity has finally been taken to task

Acity where people are used to flouting rules and walking away with impunity has finally been taken to task. Thanks to the relentless vigil of the traffic and the local police this Holi weekend, delinquents were kept off the city streets with a firm hand.

Inebriated youngsters driving triple seats on bikes was a common sight, even last year during Holi. But things seemed to have changed this year, and here’s why. In a drive that began almost a week ago, all the leaves of the city police were cancelled. Strict orders were issued by the commissioners of police to increase the presence of the khakhi-clad men and women on the roads. And the effort seems to have paid off.

The traffic police carried out special drives, and vigilance was increased on Holi and Ranpanchami. Between Friday and last evening, 777 Mumbaikars were booked for drink driving alone, while 20,845 were booked for other offences by the traffic police alone.

And here’s the best part: even the policemen were not spared in these raids. At Sion junction, a constable was fined for not wearing his seat belt, while the traffic cops charged an inspector for not wearing his helmet. At the same junction, a major tragedy was averted by the traffic police when they detained an inebriated driver of a tour bus.

The local police have done a remarkable job by ensuring maximum police presence on the streets, to keep the revelry in check.

Every year, the city witnesses at least one major tragedy on the roads or tracks, on the second day of Holi
festivities. But the efforts taken by the united forces of local police and traffic cops managed to reverse that trend this year.

While the Mumbai Police and traffic police often receive flak for improper implementation of rules and regulations, it is only fair to recognise the force’s efforts and appreciate positive results when signs of positive change are unmistakable. We only hope that this is just the beginning.

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