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Jul 01, 2012, 08:59 IST | Ayesha Nair

Shiro's MasterChef Australia-inspired Sunday brunch, which is on till August, features Asian cuisine at its best

While at dinner, if you’ve looked grudgingly at your dal-chawal as amateur cooks whipped gourmet meals on MasterChef Australia, sulk no more. Shiro is plating up a chance for you to savour dishes prepared in the MasterChef kitchen. The Sunday brunch menu features eight dishes from season three of the reality cooking show.

Otak Otak Kukus

Shiro’s chefs chose recipes from the show that complemented the restaurant’s speciality cuisine. After working through and filtering them, they settled on eight dishes. The result was an all non-vegetarian menu. Sorry vegetarians, you’ll just have to choose from the Sunday brunch menu, not the MasterChef Australia-inspired one.

The meal begins with a Vietnamese soup — Chicken and Vegetable Pho Ga — with noodles, chicken stock and shredded chicken. On first slurp the spice hits you, but a few spoonfuls and you begin to appreciate the light soup. Next is a Chilli Calamari Salad with Cucumber and Watermelon. The calamari is crispy and the bitterness of the cucumber is beautifully balanced by the sweetness of the watermelon.

Sweet Corn Chicken with Ho Fun Noodles

The cold salad is followed by a warm Hanoi Crisp Parcel, a spring roll stuffed with chicken, fish and crab meat served with a sweet chilli sauce. The covering has crunch while the filling is soft and the three meats blend well. Another starter is the Otak Otak Kukus, a steamed Vietnamese basa with lemon grass.

The fish is moist and the flavours subtle-yet-traceable. This is a clear winner. The chicken in the main course dish, Grilled Chicken with Asian Greens, was too dry and the flavours from the greens did not add much. The Sweet and Sour chicken with Ho Fun Noodles lives up to its name with pieces of pineapple balancing the sour noodles.

Accompanying the noodles is a Chicken Massaman Curry and a Braised Tenderloin with Daikon (white radish). The chicken is spicy and goes well with the noodles. The beef curry, though, can be eaten by itself. The beef is tender and melts into a spicy dream.

Shiro at Worli. Pics/Sunil Tiwari

There are no desserts on the MasterChef menu, but you can satisfy your craving by choosing a dessert from the Shiro menu at an additional cost of course. At Rs 1,750 plus taxes per person, this brunch, that’s on every Sunday from July 1 to August 26, is a must try for foodies with a palate for Asian cuisine.

The sheer variety of the eight dishes coupled with the laidback ambience makes the Master Chef Australia-inspired Shiro Sunday brunch a perfect outing for (non-vegetarian) families, couples or friends. 

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