Take inspiration and become a 'Surya' for others: Achyut Palav

Published: 22 October, 2013 10:00 IST | Soma Das |

3 Questions with Calligrapher Achyut Palav

1. Can you tell us what inspired your latest exhibition, Surya— The Icon?
Surya is a metaphor for the people in my life who had a profound influence on me. Surya is not just the king of the skies, but the Suryas that walk with us on earth. These people knowingly or unknowingly influence us with their talks, actions, or their exemplary lives. Each influence was an epiphany, a turning point in my life. The paintings took me about a year, but the concept is something I had been playing with for a long time. The images appeared to me whenever I was pensive or whenever I thought about the turning points of my life.

2. What are the highlights of this exhibition?
This exhibition is not a series. Each painting is a unique creation. They depict the people in my life who have made me the man I am today. As each of these people are different and each experience with them is matchless, so are the paintings which tell of the power I derived from them. This exhibition is a result of the experiences in my life right from my school days. It spells out my life’s journey. There are very few people who I have paid tribute to in this exhibition. Their sound counsel, their poise, their passion was contagious and I have spent each waking moment trying to live a little like them. The most significant and precious thing anyone can learn is to always give back more than you receive. Take inspiration from the lives of others and in turn become a ‘Surya’ in someone else’s too.

Achyut Palav 

3. What are your future endeavours?
The future will see the second edition of Callifest. It will be held in January 2014, which is aimed to give Indian calligraphy a boost. Today with the Achyut Palav School of Calligraphy and the success it has achieved, Callifest 2014 will be a peoples’ event. The involvement of students will be high.

Till Today, 11 am to 7 pm
At Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda.

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