Taking on a new mantle: Rohit Sharma

May 20, 2013, 23:46 IST | Urmimala Banerjee

He's young, talented and hot. Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma who has been going great guns in the ongoing premier league confesses that marriage proposals come to him by the dozen.

“I have told my mother, you better keep the proposals to yourself,” says Rohit re-iterating that it’s only cricket on his mind. In a free-wheeling interview, he talks to CS about captaincy, his team and life off the field:

Rohit Sharma
Who: Rohit Sharma 
What: On life on and off the field 
PIC/ Sameer Markande

At the helm
Being a captain and a player is different from just playing in the team. I am enjoying the added responsibility. The seniors in my team are whole-heartedly supporting me. My team has players with a wealth of experience, and they are quick to give inputs. However, I have to take the final call. My listening skills have sharpened after I have become the captain (laughs). On the game front, I have learnt to value my wicket a lot more, as I realise that I need to be there till the end. Finally, captaining a team, which has the likes of Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting is like living a dream.

Boys will be boys
I am glad to say that my team is a very united one. The boys like to have a lot of fun both on and off the field. The guys from the West Indies, Dwayne Smith and Kieron Pollard have a great sense of humour. Harbhajan Singh is the funniest of the lot. Even Pragyan Ojha is very energetic and fun loving. All of us like to tease each other but in a good-natured way. Playing with cricketers from other countries also helps us develop our own skill sets.

Fan connect
My birthday was on April 30. This year, the Mumbai fans made a special video featuring all my landmark moments and gifted it to me. The gesture made me feel truly special. Yes, I have many female fans and I am not embarrassed about the kind of attention I get from them. I take it in the right spirit (laughs out loud). My focus is on the game. Fans will love you only if you play well.

Off the field
I love spending time with my friends, socialising and chilling out whenever I am free. Playing video games and going out for long drives is a great stress-buster for me. I am a cool-headed guy most of the time and my approach towards the sport reflects my temperament. Frustration is a part of a sportsman’s life but you need to learn to move on.  

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