'Tamanchey': A twisted love story

Oct 09, 2014, 11:35 IST | Shameem Khan

On the eve of Tamanchey’s release, actor Nikhil Dwivedi speaks about what distinguishes the film from the usual love story

: Fashiontv Films
Producer: Suryaveer Singh Bhullar
Director: Navneet Behal
Starcast: Nikhil Dwivedi, Richa Chadda
Music: Krsna
Release date:10th October 2014

What is the USP of Tamanchey?
We have seen many love stories centred around the good boy and the good girl. Then we have seen a twist in the tale where there’s a romance brewing between a bad boy and a good girl. But this is the first time that you will see a bad boy and a bad girl fall in love. This con couple thrives on crime, with no justification whatsoever. It is a twisted, quirky story in the real sense of the term. Their love story is riddled with doubts as they don’t really trust each other.

Nikhil Dwivedi and Richa Chadda play con artists in Tamanchey
Nikhil Dwivedi and Richa Chadda play con artists in Tamanchey

What’s your role in the film?
I play a conman from east Uttar Pradesh. My character is uneducated, flamboyant and loves the crime world. He is fascinated by this modern, English-speaking woman (played by Richa Chadda) who also happens to be a con. For my role, I observed some staff members and picked up their dialect and mannerisms.

The film’s music is climbing the popularity charts...
The credit for the title song goes to music composer Krsna who adapted the RD Burman song, Pyaar mein dil pe. Being a die-hard RD fan, I was hoping that it wouldn’t be a poor copy of the original but thankfully, it turned out quite well. When Bappi Lahiri heard the song, he was thrilled and said that it would be his tribute to RD; he did not charge a penny for it. Oye Dildaara sung by Sonu Nigam is a soft romantic number which is doing well too.

What was it like to work with Richa Chadda?
She is a very competent actress. When your co-actor gives her 100 per cent, you are motivated to follow suit. Let’s just say that we have given the characters of Munna and Babu our best.

Nikhil Dwivedi, actor
Nikhil Dwivedi, actor

What are your expectations from the film?
This film is producer Suryaveer Singh’s debut project and he gave me a free hand to be actively involved in it. Like all actors, we are hoping that the film does well at the box-office. I will benefit from it as an actor and the whole team wants this labour of love to taste success and win recognition that it truly deserves.

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